Left In A Dublin Bike Basket



This morning.

Was it for this, etc.

Deb Molloy writes:

I know you never do this, but a lady left a bag with personal items in a Dublin Bike basket on Charlemont Place (outside the Hilton). I tried to find her (along with another Dublin Bike user, many thanks to him) but to no avail. I think she may have got on the Luas at the Charelemont Stop, but I am not sure. Could you please help reunite the bag with the owner?


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13 thoughts on “Left In A Dublin Bike Basket

  1. Davos

    Would Dublin bike would have a record of her using the bike and returning it to that bike station at that time ?

  2. Harchibald

    If she was me she would go to the Garda station around the corner from that bike station to find the bag.

      1. manolo

        Ah, the good old Harcourt Terrace Garda station! They recovered once a stolen motorbike of mine after four hours of intense questioning of the two guys who stole it and sold it on to a gang ‘known to the gardai’.

        I had reports every 30 minutes about how the questioning was proceeding. Thing of beauty.

      2. Harchibald

        I did mean that one alright. Didn’t know it was closed. I could stretch my legs to Harcourt Street though.

        Broadsheet is all well and good but she’s way more likely to head to a station. So why don’t people let Broadsheet know they have handed in to X station. This always baffles me. Don’t get me started on the bike/dog thieves who say they are holding on to something they “found” despite making no contact with the relevant authorities.

        1. Mr. T.

          “I could stretch my legs to Harcourt Street though”

          Again you’ll be disappointed. Despite the building being rammed with detectives, it is not in fact a Garda Station, a common misconception.

          You would need to walk another 10 minutes to Kevin Street.

    1. Clampers Outside!

      Plus, the Gardaí, while I do not in general have any issue with them, they are not the most competent with lost and found goods. One is better, to maybe take a pic of the found item and give them that …or post to a site like this.

      Why I believe this to be the best action:
      1. I’ve seen lost and found results work on here.
      2. The Gardaí lost my bike while it was being held it IN THE STATION !
      3. The Gardaí lost all the paper work in a fraud case against a landlord who absconded with tens of thousands IR£s in deposits.

      My tuppence.

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