Have You Seen Millie?



Shy and missing.

Niamh Walsh writes:

Millie is a beautiful cocker spaniel who has been missing from Baltrasna in the Ratoath/Ashbourne area of Co. Meath since around 9pm on Wednesday night. Could you help us find her? She is very shy and nervous so please be careful if you see her and approach her. She may be bunkered down somewhere so please check trees, bushes and outhouses. She is microchipped, neutered and collared. Millie is a rescue dog and we desperately want her home. We will pay a reward for anyone that finds her.


15 thoughts on “Have You Seen Millie?

        1. nogoodstarttgecans

          Wow, only someone worldly, knowledgeable, yet wise enough to laugh at misfortune of others as if it were somehow irrelevant, would be brilliant enough at being a person, to mock a distressed pet owner. You’re a fantastic dinner guest, or bar room acquaintance, I’ll bet. I bet you’re so novel and cool you don’t believe in Santa since like, last Christmas.
          Cool as phuck. Way to go. At least your parents had sex that time. Otherwise no one would have put the awful thought into these distressed pet owners head that someone stole their dog.
          Really a great person. Salute!

          1. Janette

            SHOCKED by the above comments!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

            Niamh is clearly distressed over her missing pet

            Hang your empty brainless head in shame!!!!!

            I abhore you completely!!!!!

            Niamh…i dearly hope Millie returns to you safe & well XXXX

          2. sǝɯǝɯ ʇɐ pɐq

            @ nogoodstarttgecans…

            I think I agree with you but you should learn how to shut up.

            Shut up, will you?

          3. dereviled

            1) Trolls enjoy your hot, fresh outrage.
            2) See (1)

            Post a counterpoint or ignore them, please.

    1. dereviled

      I’m not saying anybody is trolling here, it is not possible to differentiate between clumsy or irrelevant observations, firmly held beliefs or someone just acting the Michael.

      1. nogoodstarttgecans

        Ok so can individual commenters not respond to trolls anyway that moderators feel us acceptable? I feel like that’s a thing :) Have a big lovely day :)

  1. sǝɯǝɯ ʇɐ pɐq

    heart breaking to lose a lovely dog.

    Heart warming to find a good one.
    I don’t like dogs, but I like this one.

    Hope she gets found.

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