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Adam and Caz – The Sun Don’t Shine

Buzz writes:

Adam Matthews and Caroline O’Neill’s latest cover is this topical belter by Klangkarussell to get you over the hump. The handsome and talented young fella also stars in this and yes, he gets his kit off….


15 thoughts on “You May Like This

  1. seventyeight

    Normally I don’t comment on these as they’re not up to much (see yesterday). I don’t know the original but I enjoyed this. The vocals are great. The guitar’s slightly out of tune.

  2. The vocal coach priest

    Too much of this fupping warbling.Ruins it,in my opinion.Yes we know it makes you sound like an R&B singer from Murica,but that makes me think you can do better,by trying a little less.

  3. Dymphydoodle

    Lets all just take a minute and calm yer breasts …everyone is a critic these days! That’s clear talent there – we should celebrate Irish musicians and not bash people that try to express their talents. I say bravo …keep up the great work

  4. Bacchus

    I hate this “dressage” singing… you’re not being paid by the note. Just sing the fupping song.

    1. Spaghetti Hoop

      See the clerical gentleman’s comment above on ‘warbling’.
      Can’t stand the warble.
      Known as the ‘Whitney Warble’ in females.

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