Further to Europe’s deteriorating refugee crisis.

Ann-Marie writes:

Taking lead from Iceland and Germany, below is a link for anyone in Ireland wanting to pledge a bed.  Saturday is a Day of Action on the refugee crisis. Gathering at 1pm at the famine memorial on Custom’s House Quay. Anyone wanting some help to organise a local event, they can get in touch with

Pledge a bed here

Meanwhile…5 Practical Things You Can Do About the Refugee Crisis From Ireland (Madurdu)

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34 thoughts on “Any Room?

  1. Smith

    Are we also allowed to pledge a bed for a member of our existing homeless population? There is a housing crisis here and it is important that the refugee crisis does not deflect from this.

    1. Bob

      People should have been doing that for the last few years and didn’t. I can’t imagine anyone is actually going to take in a refugee regardless of signing a petition.

  2. Anomanomanom

    Why is the story distorted so much that the fact well over 50% of the people in Budapest are economic migrants. If their real refugees why do they all only want Germany and UK. Budapest is in EUROPE so these people are no longer in their own “dangerous” countries. Surely they should be happy to be in Europe.

    1. Bob

      Do they know that, though? They’re essentially moving in herds, not knowing what they’re meant to do, except for what some will tell them. So they keep going because that’s all they know they can do.

    2. Vote Rep #1

      Well, if I were a ‘real refugee’, I think I’d still prefer to be in one of the better European countries rather than one of the poorer ones who has a serious issue with people who have a tanned complexion.

      1. Anomanomanom

        So you mean a country with a better welfare system. I suppose the “refugee” on BBC in the Real Madrid shirt waving his train ticket shouting how he spent €1500 to get there is really in need.

        1. Custo

          In need of money or in need of a place to live that hasn’t been reduced to rubble with the constant threat of death hanging over his abd his families head?

          1. Anomanomanom

            Yes I agree on living some where safe. But why does only seem to be the safe countries with good welfare systems they seem to want.

          1. Anomanomanom

            And i meant right or wrong as in the eyes of other people. If its PC to not want to help economic migrants then in most people’s eyes I’m wrong.

          2. Anomanomanom

            Still no body answers the question, Why do they only want good welfare countries. Their out of the war zone the minute the hit Europe so fleeing war is gone as an excuse.

    3. Ms Piggy

      Surely the most likely reason for most people is that they’re more likely to speak some English, German or French than Hungarian? Seriously, just try putting yourself in their situation for a moment, and imagine what you’d do, what your priorities would be, and what would affect the decisions you made. It’s not rocket science.

    4. 15 cents

      Anomanomanom is repeatedly suggesting that want to come here to make an easy euro off the irish welfare system .. a blindingly ignorant opinion. do a tiny bit of research and see that they are fleeing anywhere they can, and often nearby places dont have any time for them, hungary built a fence, the greeks hosed them and beat them, and turkish coast guards actually burst some of their boats. they dont speak french, or spanish, if they can get to english speaking countries they have a better chance of working and getting along in society. also look up why they are fleeing in the first place.. have some compassion, instead of being a heartless moron, worried about them taking welfare, which by the way, would amount to such a miniscule amount from your pay packet that you literally wouldnt notice. so at no inconvenience to you or any other ‘Anomanomanom’s or anyone in ireland at all, we can help these people, remember.. ‘people’ actual humans, who have desperately fled their country. and dont forget, for actual centuries, irish people have emigrated, from famine times right up to present day, and other countries havent always greeted us too warmly either, so try dig deep and see if you have any effin feelings inside you at all, and do the very least you have to do, which is put up with it.. it being no inconveniece to you, you dont even have to help, just stop being a completely horrible person.

        1. 15 cents

          id say you go around as that with your reply to everyone and your thrilled with it, thinkin its a great response. as it happens i only have one bed, i share with my girlfriend, but i wasnt even talking about pledging beds, i was talking in response to the person who kept saying refugees are comin here for better welfare, and talking about how the person who said that wouldnt be effected at all by it. but you didnt pick up on any of that coz your too busy goin about with your clever reply to anyone showing a bit of compassion for these people. i dunno whats up with people against refugees coming here, apart from fear and racism, coz your kind will always deny thats the reason, anyway, jog on over to irish voice and air your sh!te there.

  3. Gers

    I may be wrong but isn’t it the case that no matter how many refugees Ireland take in they will not be sent away in various houses around the country but rather will have to be detained in refugees centres?

  4. Bob Kelly

    Why aren’t Saudi Arabia, UAE, Bahrain etc taking refugees? They speak the same language and it’s just a short road trip to these countries. Not a perilous ocean voyage.

    1. Sido

      Don’t know the real answer to that one. I think these Arab states, you mention, are Sunni muslim. That’s the brand sponsor of ISIS. I also understand that they have a racist dislike of the African negroid type of person.
      A lot of the Syrian refugees are of the Shi’ite persuasion of Islam.

  5. CousinJack

    Whats need is military boots on the ground in the middle east and north africa. The time has come for neo-colonialism

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