Put ‘Em Under Pressure


Some people are in the stands….they think it hasn’t started.

A sparsely-populated  Aviva Lansdowne Road, Dublin this evening for the Euro 2016 qualifier against Georgia.


Republic of Ireland 1 Georgia 0

Game on.

*Dearg Doom guitar break*

Ireland Vs Georgia, Live blog (BBC)

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24 thoughts on “Put ‘Em Under Pressure

    1. Neilo

      Hard to say. I think the wagon-jumpers – post Italia ’90 – have always been terrible, even when the team was dacent.

      1. Paolo

        Why would someone want to fork out €50 to the FAI in order to see a terrible team of overpaid louts play soccer?

  1. Liam Deliverance

    I’m sure the FAI has some good reason to run their business the way they do but if I were running it I’d give away loads of tickets to schools, clubs etc, run comps to win an entire row of seats so someone could bring their whole family etc etc. Despite the quality of the football on display its a great evening out especially at this time of the year. The players have someone to play for, support increases and maybe results improve too. Not too mention the few bob spent on those providing services in the stadium and surrounding areas.

    1. Peadar

      Loyalty? Because in spite of the Premier League pick-whoever-is-the-best-and-pretend-like-you-have-some-deep-connection-with-them mentality, some people still feel like supporting the team that represents them through the bad times as well as the good is the right thing to do?

      1. Anomanomanom

        No its no the right thing. This is like the GAA logic, even though the organisation is run terribly people keep turning up. I had went to every Ireland game since I was 3 years old, when the group of us who went decide the Celtic cup was not worth the ludicrous price and didn’t go. Our seat we always sat in were no longer guaranteed.

        1. Rob_G

          This is like the GAA logic, even though the organisation is run terribly people keep turning up.

          – the GAA is run phenomenally well.

  2. custo

    weren’t tickets about 60 quid?!

    Coupled with the fact that the Dubs / Mayo replay was on at the weekend too, and it’s back to school week, EP was on this weekend and it’s a Monday night, I think Sadlier should pull his head out of his bottom. People aren’t made of money.

  3. Villan

    These 2 teams played an end of season friendly at the New Lansdowne 2013 and the attendance was something like 15K, so nearly doubling the attendance ain’t all bad.

    This fixture is the downside of UEFA’s ‘Week of football’, if it had been on a Fri/Sat night then it probably would have been a more respectable 35k+.

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