Newbridge Of Sighs



This afternoon.

Merrion Hotel, Dublin.

Phone-flinging Supermodel Naomi Campbell unveiled as the new face of Newbridge Silverware.

(Leon Farrell/




Naomi Campbell in ruffled leather and James Joyce in unruffled linen this afternoon in the garden of the Merrion Hotel, Dublin.

37 thoughts on “Newbridge Of Sighs

  1. Vote Rep #1

    It would seem that Naomi Campbell has fallen on somewhat hard times, or at least, a world famous former super-model version of hard times.

  2. jeremy kyle

    Is she implying Naomi is too good for the rose of Tralee? I’d like to see her try and peel an entire sack of spuds in under a minute.

  3. chicken

    What is to be sad about. She is 45 years old & still looks great, but for a model I guess she is pretty ancient. Newbridge obviously willing to pay her & am sure it helps them with the international market.
    Total fluff comment there

    1. scottser

      the fact that newbridge silverware is only silver plated, sort of makes amy and naomi a bit of a perfect fit imo.

    1. Frilly Keane

      Durty little stones
      If I remember

      But at least Newbridge’s imported plated tat won’t have her ordered to The Hague

  4. Daisy Chainsaw

    Be carefu of Naomi’s temper towards those she feels are beneath her (ie most of the planet). Newbridge jewellery is fairly hefty. You’d soon feel it if you got a bangle square in the eyes.

    1. meadowlark

      Bit harsh maybe? No? Sure I only had to look up the Urban Dictionary definition of it the other day.

    1. classter

      Yup, Campbell is famous purely for her looks, for her temper & for happily accepting ‘blood’ diamonds from murderous African dictators.

      But yea, she’s far too good for those well-educated lovely girls who’d get on grand with your mother.

  5. Eliot Rosewater

    It makes me more sad to think that people get sad by what a model does to pay the bills (and the bang of snobbery off Valerie).

  6. Mikeyfex

    Fairly sure that was a joke from Valerie Loftus. That former supermodel isn’t up to wearing Newbridge silverware as much as the Rose of Tralee. I don’t have an opinion on the matter itself…

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