They Want To Bomb Us Back To The Stone Age


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Newgrange Cemetery, Boyne Valley, Co Meath (top) and Enda Kenny (above)

They hate us for our megalithic passages.

“Look at what’s happened in Syria with the growth of ISIS. Purely from the historical point of view, they want to blow up Newgrange and the Rock of Cashel, they want children shooting others in the head, this is horrendous….”

Enda Kenny today.

Ah here.

The Taoiseach also said there is “no split” over how many refugees Ireland will take. Mr Kenny said he is not fixated on numbers, despite Tánaiste Joan Burton saying we should take 5,000.

Taoiseach: ISIS ‘want to blow up Newgrange’, we must allow refugees in Ireland (BreakingNews)



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57 thoughts on “They Want To Bomb Us Back To The Stone Age

          1. Dόn Pídgéόní

            Just checking it wasn’t one of your home movies with Clampers ma or not.

            Where is he anyway?

  1. Mikeyfex

    Seems to me like he was just (albeit unnecessarily) putting the damaging of monuments in an Irish perspective, no?

    Also, Burton’s first few responses to the ‘how many’ question was that she didn’t want to put a number on it. Can we just get on with it rather than playing schoolyard games?

    1. delacaravanio

      Kind of ironic he comes out with this blather on the same day that the Government allows Disney to return to the Skellig, one of our (few) Unesco World Heritage Sites, in order to complete filming the new Star Wars film, a decision that has been roundly criticised by archeologists, historians and conservation groups such as An Taisce.

      Kenny would host an alcoholics anonymous meeting in a snug.

      1. Paolo

        No, it isn’t ironic at all. Skellig will be intact after the Disney filming is long gone. Palmyra is gone forever.

  2. Anomanomanom

    Well he’s not wrong. They didn’t blow the other sites because they didn’t like them, it was to wipe away culture and history. Now obviously we don’t IS here like in Syria. But they blow every piece of heritage they can in every country they can get a strangle hold in.

    1. Continuity Jay-Z

      Irish culture is more closely linked to Coppers, a Burdock’s and the Bath Pub. That is where security assets should be sent.

    1. Mikeyfex

      Ya I’m not sure what he meant by that. I’m just struggling to believe that this is a future he sees for Ireland if we don’t take refugees. I was clearly just talking about the monuments thing though. It all sounds like a bit of a ramble.

      1. The Real Jane

        I personally think we are of very limited interest to isis, even assuming that they’ve heard of us for the sake of argument.

        Is he saying isis will blow up newgrange if we take refugees in or if we don’t? I amn’t really following his mess of a point. Have the racist swastika spray painter’s party become a key demographic in the next election?

        1. Mikeyfex

          He’s saying we need to take them in for that reason. So my honest reading of the whole quote is he saying ‘Imagine there was a faction going around blowing up Newgrange, and the Rock of Cashel, and they were giving guns to kids…we have to help [some of] these people’

          I could be wrong, it’s a mess.

        2. Peadar

          The vast majority of ISIS fighters are utter fupping morons, with a few cynical and manipulative bastards at the top. I’d say not many of them could point to Ireland on a map.

          1. Norbet Cooper

            Remember the guy in the early days of IS capturing Raqqa on TV, giving it loads with his AK 47 in his Barca jersey, shouting Allah from the rooftops, a few days later caught as a prisoner by the kurds he was crying and sobbing saying he was made to join IS against his will.

        3. 15 cents

          i just read the link to it there.. it doesnt give context to his quotes. but in other parts of the article he’s defo nudging towards saying we shouldn’t take in many refugees, he even asks why do they have to cross the sea at all .. so id imagine hes saying the stuff about newgrange and kids rackin up head shots on each other as a way of defending not taking in many refugees. to instill a bit of fear into people, so we’ll say “yea fupp that, lets not take them in” … and its worked on me. i dont want them in anymore. i used to. but i dont now. i think there could be a few little ISIS lads in the mix, then theyll end up goin round actin the goat.

  3. The pretty priest

    The exterior of Newgrange is recognised as a very poor recreation of what was actually there.I say let isis at it.

      1. The pretty priest

        She’s not old enough to be of any archeological significance,but she does run a lottery every year to let a small party , view the suns rays part her slit,from the inside.Maybe they’d be interested in that.

    1. David j

      you mean the front didn’t originally consist of a concrete wall with white stones neatly faced off in front of it?

    2. classter

      I thought they just turned the original stones around so that they now faced outwards. The sides which had faced outwards previously had dulled over the centuries.

      Or do I have to rethink everything?

        1. Formerly known as

          Wow. I wasn’t aware of that.

          Was that quartz shipped in, or found onsite?

          It looks like it has been enhanced, rather than restored.

  4. ahjayzis

    Jeeeeeeesus the auld government system needs an overhaul if this is the kind of brain-dead cretin that rises to the top.

  5. 15 cents

    people rubbish the claim that there is ISIS members amongst the Syrian ‘fugees. But it’s quite likely, i mean it would be a good plan for them, shneak a few in here n there goin to different countries, then settin off bombs n’all. landing some big hits across europe.

    1. scottser

      they’d get here and think ‘no amount of bombs are gonna get through to this lot. sure, they’re fukd all by themselves anyway – they’ll all have heart disease or diabetes by 2030’.

    2. classter

      Yup, I am in favour of taking in refugees but we should be clear that there may be some proportion who hold beliefs which most of us find repugnant.

      Part of the challenge will be ensuring that those who come can become integrated, that there is a space for them within a broader Irish identity & that we can deal with radicalisation of a small number of individuals. It is an extension of a challenge we already face.

      This is why the existing DP system is so mind-numbingly stupid. And why we should be secularising our state schools as soon as we possibly can.

      1. Casey

        Yup, I am in favour of taking in refugees but we should be clear that there may be some proportion who hold beliefs which most of us find repugnant

        You mean like Shinners?

    3. ahjayzis

      I’d say on a boat / train with those refugees would be the most dangerous place an ISIS member could ever find themselves. They’d tear him limb from limb.

      1. 15 cents

        i was thinkin bout that too .. but i reckon they could be all like “yo im from another town down the road, you never met me” even at that i doubt theyd be small talkin on the boat. didnt like 2 million of them or somethin leave? or more even .. you’d defo get even a handful in amongst that undetected, then you’d only need a few runnin about planting bombs or whatever. i dunno how you’d check for this tho, im sure theyd think of any questions that might be asked of them, and know what answers to give. i dont think it was their initial plan, but i think when people started fleeing, they mustve thought of doin it.. and then mustve tried a few at least.

  6. rugbylane

    George Orwell would be spinning in the grave listening to this bollix. Not only because its the kind of “fear mongering” that would embarrass even Big Brother; but because the grammar is terrible.

  7. Terry

    So Enda’s solution to stop Isis from blowing up newgrange and parts of Ireland is to possibly allow hundreds, if not thousands of Isis members into Ireland? Yeah good idea Enda. These “refugees” need to be put into camps where they will be safe until such time where it’s safe for them to return home. If we just allow them in and start working etc then they are nothing more than just ordinary migrants and if we allow that then we have to just allow everyone who says they are a refugee in. At that rate “refugees” will outnumber natives and then the same thing will happen to Europe like what is happening and has been happening for centuries in the middle east and Africa, war, wars and more wars.

  8. Truth in the News

    Kenny is a greater danger to Newgrange and Ireland than ISIS, given type reaction.
    Send for straight jacket at once before any more utterances are made or damage

  9. Niallo

    Yes, Hoorenduous.
    ” we cant stand idly by and have our heritage like moore street and the holy stone of clonrichert remotely threatened, something must be done, so, if your a burden on the state, we will make a job for you, a job worth doing, a mans job, soldiering ! You’ll be able to simultaneously help us up our profile with our new pals in nato and the eu army, and you can have the craic with british squadies, american burger chompers, and belgian spud peelers in a foreign country, and with a bit of luck, sure, you wont be coming back, and thats another problem solved”
    I think i see where this is going alright..

  10. 15 cents

    to be fair, we can’t be expected to take in as many as people are saying we should. we dont have the infrastructure. putting hundreds of them in the hazel hotel is lunacy for a start. and enda, as much as i hate agreeing with him, has a point with ‘why do they have to cross the sea in the first place?’ .. europe’s huge, it would wanna be gettin pretty full before we’re havin to take loads in. sure we can do our part, but not like 1000s of them, it’s too fine a balance, too small a place. and people who shout that down and say its nonsense, theyll dont live in places like that town in kildare where the hazel court hotel is, monasterevin? how thats guna work i dont know. sure the population of the town itself, not the surrounding townland, must be smaller than the 500 refugees who are arriving. ya cant double the population of a town overnight, it just doesnt work.

  11. hmmmm

    actually, since the *state* agency has picture of British overlords in Rock of Cashel, maybe actually bomb it…

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