18 thoughts on “Lifepaint

  1. edalicious

    The problem with this is that drivers that hit you are the ones that never bothered to check their wing mirrors when turning or that turn right through a row of cars without checking if there’s a bike coming up the inside. If you’re in front of a car, where the headlights are actually shining on you, that’s probably the LEAST likely position ,relative to the car, that you’re going to be hit. Also, if this stuff works like I think it does, it probably only back scatters light so the only car that you light up for is the car that is pointing its lights directly at you.

    1. fmong

      When I got hit on my bike it was become some a-hole broke the lights on a junction.. so ‘no’ you can’t account for every maniac and idiot behind the wheel BUT anything that lowers the %’s is a Good Thing. So huzzah for this!

    1. scottser

      ironically, the sh1thead who tried to ram me into the kerb there last month was driving an S60. so yes, volvo make great cars but they’re driven by complete w@nkers.

        1. scottser

          until the chino-wearing, back-combed, stripey-shirted runt apologises to me then i’m going to tar ye all with the same brush. i know for a fact that all volvo drivers are required to attend a monthly meeting to discuss fuel consumption and suchlike, so make sure you say it to him – he’s giving ye all a bad name.

          1. scottser

            ok, just cos i know andyourpointis.. is a female, and jim drives an s40 – i’ll let you two off. but the rest of youse..
            *points finger
            i’m watching ye, pack o barstewards..

  2. Liam

    A lot of cyclists can’t be bothered to put lights on their bikes, they’re hardly going to use this product either.

    1. Paulus

      Yup, it looks like they’ve yet to get it to that point. Which is a shame.

      Chatter appears to imply it’s water soluble too, so it’ll wash off. Might be worth having a go at painting over it with a clear coating of some sort.

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