6 thoughts on “Mad, Ted

  1. Mikeyfex

    On the afternoon of day 2 of a stag, sitting in a beer garden, all 16 of us witnessed a woman walk head first into a window and fall back flat on her arse. Not wanting to embarrass her we did all try stifle our laughs which meant it just manifested itself as streams of tears and extremely red faces. Eye contact was a no-no for about 5mins after.

    Take that sign down and enjoy.

  2. Spaghetti Hoop

    There was a sliding door in a fuel station (owned by a very mean man), and it was either stuck or was just slow. So slow that customers regularly walked into it as the sensor was not quick enough to respond to their approach. I banged my head a few times and complained…but it was never fixed. There wasn’t even a sticker on it to say ‘whoah! stand back’. This was my first world problem of the time.
    Then Topaz came along with the big bucks and the swishy doors and Mr. Mean cares even less about his customers’ faces.

  3. All Corrs are Lizards

    we are some shower of losers in this country a mediocre comedy (when judged over the three seasons also linehan and mathews work after father ted proves their mediocrity ) still is quoted like its the greatest thing on earth by muckers and simpletons, time a new comedy was made so we can all move on. That said the previous statement comes from a clown who can barely type let alone write sitcoms

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