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Aussie rules?

Colm Walsh writes:

I’m sure you agree that the rock thrown through my windshield at Tibradden last week, between 3.30&5.50pm (lost one pair of old jeans), while hiking, created a map of Australia in its place…

pejac-2pejac-1-detail pejac-1 pejac-3 pejac-4pejac-5

Camouflage – one of a series of works by Spanish artist Pejac at a disused powerplant in Rijeka, Croatia (a tribute to the silhouetted birds favoured by  René Magritte) completed as a part of a residency with the city’s Museum of Modern And Contemporary Art.

Previously: Downside Up




This morning.

In Kildare.

Dave O’Sullivan writes:

Bird Strike: The day the pigeons flew into my office window….


Sue Kirk writes:

Same! Live in the sky, die* in a window. *Spoiler: he didn’t die…


Spotted on the train from Dundalk, Co. Louth to Pearse Street Station, Dublin this morning.

Daniel writes:

You had one job. And yes, sign on the top of the window is also upside down…