Free On Sunday?



Sandymount Strand, Dublin 4.

Caroline writes:

On Sunday let’s get together to send a strong message that we stand with refugees and for humanity! This will be a family-friendly event. Bring kids. You may need hot flasks and (colourful!) umbrellas (optional, slight chance of rain).
Please be prepared to be there from 2.30pm sharp to 5pm. It takes time to coordinate hundreds of people to arrange them into letters for the shot, so please bear with us!

Let’s Create A Human Welcome (Facebook)

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19 thoughts on “Free On Sunday?

  1. human

    Can you also make sure you wear conservative clothing as not to offend our new cultural overlords, I mean guests …

    1. Andyourpointiswhatexactly?

      Quinoa and coconut water packed, Oisín?
      Abso-facking-lutely, babes. Hop into the Toareg and let’s drive 200m down the road!

  2. Murtles

    I hope they get enough people and don’t leave any letters out. I for one don’t want the Fugees to think we want them back for more concerts with their “Ready or Not” shi+ehawking.

  3. Mr. T.

    Yeah and they can feel they’ve done their bit and then trot back to their trophy homes cleaned by Filipinos and Au Pairs on less than minimum wage :)

    This is middle class guilt which will not translate into real action by these people. They’ll simply hope the refugees are housed miles from Sandymount and any attempt to house them in leafy D4 will be blocked by the local councillors.

    1. Bill

      Ssshhhh Internet bandwagon jumpers don’t like stats and facts, they just like pretending to their great by sharing on Facebook and signing online petitions that they never actually intend on following through, just like the 6000 people who said they would allow a refugee family live with them. It would be great for a TV crew to bring refugees to those people’s homes and record the moment they decide they’ve changed there minds.

  4. Bingo

    East European Immigrants have brought wage lelvels down. They get their minimum wage topped up by our taxes. Working class people lose out hugely because of these facts. Middle class Sandymounters hire cheap gardeners nannies etc instead of Irish workers. they will make money from these people from the other side of the world also

  5. Hashtag McMór

    It’s in hardcore @labour territory, so what do you expect? And Shane O’Curry is involved. #nuffsaid on middle class.

  6. Frilly Keane

    I’m gonna be a bit bould now

    But, imagine fixing a few tents and caravans into the middle of that green there in Santymount.

    …. Yep. Welcome somewhere else
    But we’ll do the photoshoot….
    Anyone else

    BTW. I have an idea
    That probably, well deffo, needs a D2 polish and push
    If anyone of interest or capacity to contribute ( not money) wants to get together around a table

    JR (if hes still around) can put us in touch

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