20 thoughts on “Meanwhile, in Rossnowlagh

  1. ABM

    Ouch. Do policies cover you if you’re on a beach? I don’t think mine does.

    Anyway, car looks very Protestant and understated middle class to me. I think I can see an RNLI sticker in the rear window.

    1. scottser

      You’re missing out mate, protestant insurance companies cover all kinds of ‘acts of god’. moses not being around to part the waves doesn’t even affect their no claims bonus.

        1. JD

          And it will NEVER be covered if it happens in the grey mists of an Irish Republic! NO SURRENDER of your policy accepted either.

  2. Cian

    Depending where the air entry is, if you towed that out it might actually be OK. Wouldn’t advise starting/driving it out.

    1. Frilly Keane

      How’a’ya obl

      C’mere would you be an’ting ta’ Osama Bin Liner?
      A lad that I used’ta knock around wi’ back in the day on sites long forgotten

  3. Irvento

    I think that’s an English reg rather than Nordie.

    We need to worry about the loss of precious tourist revenue if all Englanders think it will happen to them.

    Quick, someone give him a push.

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