The Accent On Syria



Vocally wayward actor Aiden Gillen speaks out on behalf of Goal using the words of Abdullah Kurdi, the father of the drowned Syrian boy who was photographed lying lifeless on a Turkish beach .


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25 thoughts on “The Accent On Syria

    1. nicorigo

      Apparently smugglers are not involved with crossings in anyways. They designate one of the refugees to steer the boat. In exchange the said refugeee gets a free passage. That way they dont risk being caught by the authorities or just die.

    1. eoin hurley

      a Syrian kurd safe in Turkey? they might not have thought that especially after the Turkish airforce started bombing kurdish targets recently.

      1. Bill

        How is his comment racist, please explain? Or is the bandwagon moving too fast for you to actually have any valid opinions of your own, apart from name calling.

    1. rory

      Hi bisted, sorry to bother you but I don’t understand your comment there. Could you elaborate please? Goal aren’t a good charity for some reason?

      1. bisted

        Hi Rory…sorry for being sounding oblique but let me try to be more direct. The charity sector in Ireland, in my opinion, is a business. It is in the business of eliciting donations, ostensibly for a good cause, but fundraising is it’s goal. The cause is incidental. Charities in Ireland are not a means to an end, they are an end in themselves. The CEOs of these organisations pay themselves extavagantly and often use their position as advocacy for steering government money into their groups to further feather their own nests.
        I have long suffered compassion fatique and been cynical of the methods employed by the charidees but lately I see two brilliant organisations having their reputations sullied by the Irish arms of their operations.

  1. Eliot Rosewater

    Fupping goal? There’s a whole rake of performances by gillan that makes me cringe, but I think this takes the biscuit.

    1. Sido

      Is there a “bomb by date” on bombs or are they like yesterdays cell phones, not the sort of thing you would want hanging underneath the aeroplane, if you don’t want to be laughed at?

  2. fran

    i saw this guy presenting other voices, i thought to myself, is this guy acting or is this who he really is!? funny guy but for all the wrong reasons! what an insufferable gobsheen. good cause though!

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