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British Labour Party leadership candidate Jeremy Corbyn

The Conservatives are preparing to claim Jeremy Corbyn poses a threat to national security if he becomes Labour leader tomorrow.

David Cameron will signal the start of the onslaught today, with a warning that the finances of every family in Britain would be at risk from Mr Corbyn’s hard-left agenda.

Senior Tories are also planning to step up pressure on the 66-year-old socialist who has claimed he could not see the ‘point’ of RAF drone strikes against a British jihadi.


Privately, senior Conservatives concede that Mr Corbyn’s critique of spending cuts and call for renationalisation of industries including the railways have struck a chord with voters.


Corbyn poses threat to national security: As Cameron attacks socialist on economy, Tories plan to paint him as weak on terror (Mail Online)

59 thoughts on “Smell The Fear

        1. Padi

          Ah come on now by all accounts it was a massive victory, from a collation to predicted loss in the polls but ending up with an overall majority…yes landslide!

          1. Don Pidgeoni

            So what you’re saying is that any win now is a massive landslide? You don’t even know what the reality is.

    1. Sido

      Oh go on with you – its not that democratic. Its merely a vote. People have been joining the labour party for three quid to get a vote.

    2. Paolo

      It’s astonishing how anti-democratic the PLP has shown itself since July. Career politicians appear stunned that someone who actually has some principles can motivate otherwise lethargic voters.

      The press are saying that Corbyn can’t win back voters who defected to the Tories but they are ignoring the 35% of the population that didn’t bother voting at all because they were presented with three identical sets politicians.

      1. newsjustin

        People who don’t vote are unlikely to be encouraged to vote by anything. People who don’t vote have given up on life!

      2. Just sayin'

        Are you too young to remember Michael Foot? He ensured Maggie Thatcher stayed PM for a long time. When the main opposition becomes unelectable, its never a good thing.

        1. Arcol

          Agreed. It’s Foot all over again. The argument that it will drag the debate to the left arose then too. Much pain ensued. Burnham and Cooper are both impressive, and far more likely to seriously challenge the Tories when the time comes.

          1. Don Pidgeoni

            Burnham and Cooper are not impressive, they barely had campaigns beyond Andy man of the people and Yvette serious face now.

          2. Frilly Keane

            Heres the thing tho Arcol
            And to all the other Labour partyettes

            I think Corbyn is electable.

            You see
            When the rich get richer
            They become fewer

            Whike The poor
            Get poorer and poorer
            They grow in numbers

            And will drive harder into the left

  1. Jimmee

    The pay off to the capital costs of re-nationalising rail infrastructure would be incredibly low and the cost of maintaining that capital such would have to be borne by passengers and tax payers. I don’t see the benefit here in doing this? Or am I missing something…?

    1. Paolo

      Yes, you are missing something. The renationalisation will occur when each franchise expires. The subsidies currently paid to the private operators far exceeds the money that was spent on running the entire network 20 years ago.

    1. Sido

      I don’t see the need to call him anything. Sadly, I think its another “Michael Foot moment” for Labour. Sad because it gives the Tories a free reign. And sad because both Michael Foot and Jeremy Corbyn seem very nice genuine people, who unfortunately have the courage of their convictions, which probably isn’t a prerequisite of the average politician.

      1. Paolo

        This is stupid Sido. Nu Labour have offered no alternative to the Tory policies since the mid 90’s, giving them a defacto “free reign”. As a result the centre ground has shifted well to the right and you see the PLP abstaining from the recent welfare reform bill that directly targets the weakest people in British society.

        1. Don Pidgeoni

          This. Before and during the election they had so many chances to challenge the Tories and the results of their policies but fupped it up every every single time. Blair coming out with his heart transplant quote was a nonsense as well. Those other candidates have represented nothing while Corbyn, rightly or wrongly, at least has convictions rather than soundbites.

          1. donkey_kong

            agree – I must say i like corbyn if only for the fact he represents something a belief rather than the same blank inter changeable faces we get.
            The tories have run britian since the 70s anyway. Blair was a tory in disguise.

        2. Sido

          Yeah OK its stupid Paolo. What I am saying is –

          You should never (ever) underestimate the stupidity of the British electorate. You only have to look at the composition of their current government to realise this empirical truth.

          OK I could be wrong but we are going to have to wait four years to find out.

          1. Padi

            Or…the polls before the last election totally underestimated the British electorate. They were mature enough to make the call that the Tories were likely the best option for the country as a whole, they saw through the Labour guff of ‘it’s all someone else’s fault’ and ‘your life would be utopia if it wasn’t for those big bold bankers screwing you’. This does not mean the electorate like all of what the Tories will/have done but they were the best overall option.

  2. fmong

    Corbyn’s treatment in the UK media has been shocking, it started off with generally slagging off his appearance and has ended up comparing him to a terrorist.. the Guardian have been particularly disappointing..


    If the Daily Mail ran a similar piece about Yvette Cooper people would be disgusted.. but seeing as it’s old Red Jezza, sure who cares…

    I hope he gets in, anyone Blair is scared off is okay in my book

    1. Spaghetti Hoop

      Struck by that too over the weekend. A long-time elected MP completely lambasted for his three marriages and appearance. Just shows how Tory the British media is and how rattled they are.
      Good luck to him. I predict he will spend these wilderness years uniting his party and grooming a successor.

  3. Unreconstructed

    First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you…

    The Tories (Blairites and others) are not laughing at Corbyn now, nor suggesting he’s unelectable. You can smell the fear from the English elite.

  4. fluffybiscuits

    Capitalism is feeling threatened hence the attacks from within Labour and the Toffee nosed posh c**ts from Eton/Oxbridge

    If Sanders gets in the states we would be looking at least a semi socialist utopia – I hope

    1. newsjustin

      “semi socialist utopia”

      Yeah, remember all the times that worked out in the past. Plain sailing from here on in boys!

  5. mauriac

    so corbyn questioning the value of the extra judicial execution of a British citizen is a weakness ? twisted.

  6. bisted

    …wonderful to see a coalition of the media and establishment joining forces to deamonise a popular groundswell in opinion that threatens the cosy cartel….wouldn’t happen here…not even on Broadsheet..wha..

      1. donkey_kong

        don’t we know it – 3 terms of Bertie who never stood up to liam lawlor or ray burke,

        give us more trokia for our own good. more trokia I say

  7. Kolmo

    I never heard of this chap until this party election – the manner in which he was portrayed by almost every single media ‘partner’ in the UK made me assume he had intended to upset the established narrative, he is not ‘hard-left’, deviant or a terrorist – he is just doesn’t agree with the anti-social Gecko society being pushed since the Thatcher/Regan era, he was even attacked in Ireland by the ‘Labour’ party…ffs

  8. J

    So the 80s are back in vogue …. Comrade Corbyn is the ultimate career politician having spent 30 years as a well paid backbencher giving two fingers to Labour and protesting. A self nominated diplomat and yet only the Anti West brigade were guests at his party. The man lacks judgement and pragmatism .His economic policies will lead to more debt , inflation , higher taxes. Labour may as well start rearranging the deck chairs and start playing Imagine. Cameron’s gloves off at PMQT will be the equivalent of Corbyn’s madhatter tea party. Labour party was set up to govern , not pay homage to some faddy , pinko lefties. Atlee must be throwing somersaults in his grave.

        1. Kolmo

          Anti-Western? Is that the same as the oft repeated fully nonsensical charge made against anyone who objected to the invasion of Iraq by the US as ‘Anti-American’?

          1. J

            Nope, refers to those that cosy up to Putin, stroke Hamas and Hizbollah , wails “imperialist ” at anyone who dares to question the company that they keep.

      1. J

        J steals Donald’s ” It’s the end of the world” and hums @ Clampers. # NukedLabour # 30 years of hurt # Ohrwurm .

  9. Formerly known as @ireland.com

    Corbyn is 66. He will be 71 at the next election. Rightly, or wrongly, that alone will make it difficult for him to be elected PM. If he is a smart bloke, why hasn’t he made it to this level, before?

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