Rory O’Neill, who will judge the ‘Dog of Dublin’ tomorrow, with friend


Ahead of the Doggie Do dog festival in Merrion Square, Dublin tomorrow.

Michael writes:

Rory O’Neill (aka Panti Bliss) will be one of the judges of the Dog of Dublin contest at the first ever dog festival in Dublin tomorrow. Along with Linda Conway from Stellar Magazine and Justine King from OPSH, they will decide who is crowned The Dog of Dublin around 6pm in Merrion Square. The criteria is style, charm, charisma and originality with extra credit for human effort….


The Doggie Do

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19 thoughts on “Justice Panti

  1. Frilly Keane

    Extra credit for Human effort

    Just who the ûck d’ye think ye are?

    Jesus Christ

    What are the chances ye’ve already had the winners photoshoot

  2. Joe

    Someone once said on here that this guy is a businessman first. Never a truer thing said.

    Having him on the Late Late Show as an authority on the Eurovision song contest furthers a damaging stereotype for gay people. It’s funny how people who get behind this kind of thing often end up doing more harm than good.

    That said, I wish him all the best. He’s doing what anyone else would be expected to do when offered an opportunity.

    1. Jordofthejungle

      Idiot and strangely retro comment of the piece. Like it or not my dear fellow but a large number of gay people, for whatever reason, appear to like Eurovision. Gays tend to come in all shapes and sizes and not the “masc-straight acting” type venerated by you.

      1. Joe

        I’m just saying we should avoid stereotypes. Eurovision is tinsel garbage to most people. If Freddy Mercury was openly gay (he wasn’t), then it’s easier say fair play to what he was doing. He channeled a lot sincerity.

        To be perfectly honest, it doesn’t really matter to me whether someone is gay or straight because I question the ideal of living by your sexuality. Blue for boys and pink for girls is social engineering. It would be nice to rise above all that.

        Thanks for calling me an idiot though. I thought this was Ireland. Enjoy your life and don’t get your knickers in a twist when you don’t agree. I am as entitled to own views as you are to yours.

    1. Jordofthejungle

      “Heterophobic” I would imagine. Trolling and basic spelling never go hand-in-hand. Funny that…

  3. Frilly Keane

    Well Doggie do’ers

    There better be 20k at yere event today
    Wha’wi all the time Montrose gave ye
    And as for yere “telly star”
    He clearly doesn’t know how to dress
    For the telly

    I’ll see ye down there
    And we’ll be coming as we are
    If ye don’t mind
    Style charisma originality fake tan, whatever yere having yerselves
    Will be staying at home
    Its the weekend

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