Free Coffees On Draff



Rachel Donnelly from soon-to-be-launched magazine DRAFF (‘the only print publication dedicated to stage performance in Ireland’ if you don’t mind) writes:

DRAFF magazine is the first of its kind in that all the content comes directly from artists themselves and is a mixture of text, images, sketches and notes. Among reports from the theatre and dance worlds, our first issue also includes a contribution from WBO world middleweight boxing champion Andy Lee.

We’re launching the magazine (which will be free to pick up around Dublin city centre) on September 17th by buying 100 coffees for our first 100 readers.

We’ve put 50 coffees behind the bar at two quality Dublin cafés – Love Supreme in Stoneybatter and Roasted Brown (currently at Project Arts Centre in Temple Bar).

Readers can claim their coffee on DRAFF by following @draffmag on Twitter, retweeting one of our ‘offer’ tweets (mentioning the relevant café) and showing their free copy of DRAFF and their phone to the barista….


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11 thoughts on “Free Coffees On Draff

      1. Caroline

        Commenting here is depriving a homeless person of some much-needed banter. That’s why I match every pointless meta-reference I make on this site with an obtuse aphorism to a homeless charity.

    1. Coffee For All!

      If the homeless people of Dublin are really in dire need of coffee (which is of course very high on their priorities list, unless they’re some calibre of barbarian) they can avail of them through the suspended coffee movement here:!special-cupcakes/clfs. Although, I agree, it makes far more sense for a new magazine who are trying to attract an audience interested in theatre and dance to offer free coffee to the homeless. Sound business sense.

      1. fluffybiscuits

        You are correct. The beanie hat wearing indoor brigade are a much more viable business proposal. Perhaps there is advertising in Hipster Monthly? You could advertise in between the “bands we never heard of but are cool” section and the 101 differently coloured skinny jeans feature? Its all 100% recyclable of course…

  1. Junkface

    There should be a special Scientology section for all of the actors, so they can find out where to sign up and feel special.

  2. Frilly Keane

    “Dedicated to stage performance”

    I’ll actually try and get a hold of one to see what Stage Performance consists of
    And what it doesn’t consist of

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