16 thoughts on “Was It For This?

  1. Anne

    It’s about 3.90 in there for a large latte.

    I signed up for the costa card, and a few years later, I think I’ve enough points on it for a half a cup of water…

    It works out that you’ve to buy 20 large lattes before you get one free..
    (5 points for every euro, 20 points for every large latte (4 euro approx) = 20 points. 20 points = 20 cent. €4.00/20c = 20)

      1. Ocean Mikado

        It’s even worse than you think Anne – you only get points per full euro so you get 15 points for your €3.90 coffee, that means it’s nearer to buy 26 – get one free – has to be one of the least generous loyalty schemes out there!

          1. Anne

            Going by the comments above.. the zzzopes wouldn’t realise how many coffees they’ve to buy to get one free.

            No offence zzopes..

    1. classter

      I reckon it is as bad.

      They are both crap, the atmosphere is crap & they are a blight on main streets,

      If you are supporting Costa in piounds or euros, you deserve what you get.

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