12 thoughts on “Ask A Broadsheet Reader

  1. Neilo

    I was a Free Man in Paris, I felt unfettered and alive until I came home to this. Ah well, at least the printers are making a couple of quid off the back of the flat earth doggerel that’s so unaccountably popular these days.

    1. Ms Piggy

      I don’t think that contains a single coherent sentence. That’s quite an achievement when you’re working in your first language.

  2. Cup of tea anyone

    I don’t understand the issue with people buying properties that are sold because a peron stopped paying their mortgage.
    The parents of a friend of mine were behind on the mortgage and the bank were threatening to sell their house. none of the other people in the area would buy the house because of the stigma attached and you know what happened. No one would bid and the house went for a lot less than it should have.

    Their parents would have preferred if the locals bid on the house and they got a decent price for it.

  3. trueblueterry

    I am pretty sure this is Jerry Beade’s organisation that he set up before moving on to The Land League and the battle of Gorse Hill

  4. T

    I would love a free gaf. Not having to pay any mortgage must be great. Whereas, if I don’t pay my rent I get kicked out on the street. Tough poo if the big bad banks made you take out a big loan which you can’t/won’t now pay….Repo these gafs now & let first time buyers pay the mortgage.

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