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  1. Colin

    Given that we are so backwards as a nation and don’t provide a carriage for bikes, as is the case in many European countries, I don’t see an issue here. Guy has a right to travel as much as anyone else. Would be quite different if he was using said guitar as a paddle to get onto the train.

    1. JollyRoger


      Bicycles on Commuter and DART Trains

      Bicycles are permitted on Commuter and DART services between 10:00 and 15:30 and after 19:00 Monday to Friday and all day Saturday and Sunday. Customers are asked to stay with their bicycles in the vestibules at all times and ensure they do not allow their bicycles to become a nuisance to other passengers. The carriage of bicycles on Commuter and Dart services is at the discretion of station staff. At certain times (e.g. major sporting fixtures /concerts), it may not be possible to permit carriage of bicycles on Commuter and DART services. Bicycles that are folded and covered can be carried on all Commuter and Dart services with no time restrictions.

      If you are travelling with your bicycle, please note the following:

      Customers should walk with their bicycles when they are in the station. It is not permitted to cycle in stations or on platforms
      Customers should use ramps and lifts rather than stairs within stations to gain access to platforms
      Customers should stay with their bicycles onboard trains
      Unaccompanied children cannot bring bicycles onto trains
      No motorised bicycles are allowed on trains
      No bicycles with attached trailers are allowed on trains
      Always use available bicycle storage spaces provided
      Never obstruct exits or passageways

      1. parky mark

        While I’ve brought my bike on the dart a few times on the allowed times it’s a pity they can’t provide for it during rush hours. A lot of people could commute easier if they had their bike for the start and end of their journey to work.

          1. ceo

            Yep, would be great if we could accommodate bikes at rush hour, but the capacity isn’t there. So if this guy knows the rules, and is aware of the crush that is a rush hour DART carriage, then I agree, inconsiderate.

      2. munkifisht

        Spot on. Much better than trying to get a bike on the LDN UnderGround. Most lines won’t let you no matter what time of day it is.

    2. huppenstop

      Exactly. It took me a minute to realise what the point of the post was. Bikes on public transport is standard where I live. And dogs too!

    3. Rob_G

      Never heard of any metro system in Europe that has a carriage for bicycles; some inter-city trains would.

      Wait until off-peak to being your bike, guy is being a inconsiderate (not to mention lazy)

      1. huppenstop

        Every German city I have been to has subway carriages that include extra space for bikes. They are marked on the outside with a big bike sign so you know which carriage to get on.

        1. classter

          huppenstop, bikes can’t be taken on Berlin’s U-bahn during rush hour (6-9am and 2-5pm).

          Being allowed do so is pretty rare. Even Rotterdam does not allow it during rush hour.

      2. Wayne.F

        Rob, Swiss have specific space for bikes on nearly all public transport options, they do charge for bringing one on however

  2. 30/30

    What the stuttering fupp is this? Is he not allowed commute? What’s the threshold? A plastic bag with all your belongings is ok, but a backpack gets you waterboarded?

    He needed to get on the train with his guitar and bike and did so. Put the faux outrage and pitchforks away.

    1. Vote Rep #1

      Maybe his bike has broken in some way that would mean he couldn’t cycle and would have to walk his bike home, which could be a long way.

        1. ahyeah

          When you think about it, it is actually a form of terrorism. And the worst type. Some terrorist acts are over in seconds, whereas this could be a 20-30 minute journey.

  3. Damian

    If it bothered you that much why didn’t you say it to the person instead of being sneaky and taking a picture of them and posting it on broadsheet looking for a reaction.

    1. Clampers Outside!

      The little thing that bothered someone so much they took a pic and sent it to the internets which gave rise to concerned internetters to be bothered by something they themselves thought wasn’t worth getting bothered about in the first place.

      * presses the steam button on the iron and sighs deeply *

      1. Francois

        Well said although there would be hardly any Internet (or society) left without the contributions of those bothered.

  4. Digs

    In fairness, looks like he might have struggled to get on. It’s not like he was ploughing through people. And in fairness, you’re an asshat to take a picture of someone oblivious and minding their own business.

  5. Dublinentendre

    Even Broadsheet seems to infected with Joe Duffyitis it would seem. I suggest a healthy dose of ‘who gives a f*ck’ and move on. Back to pictures of sunsets.

  6. Murtles

    * He could have asthma and can’t cycle
    * He could be going to Bray to visit a sick relative and needs to get there faster than cycling
    * There could be something wrong with the bike
    * He friend who owns the bike coulda been just knocked off it and he’s bringing it home for him
    * Tom could just be a snoopy-thinks-he-knows-it-all and better than everyone so he can be reactionary judgemental man that never does anything to annoy people or puts a foot wrong

    The possibilities are endless

  7. Mikier

    Well for those that commute on the DART at rush hour will know how annoying it is having bikes taking standing room on a crowded DART. In any case they never enforce it and I have seen people on bikes walk past staff at turnstiles and they never do anything. Worse still are those with fold up bikes who don’t bother folding it up.

  8. Lilly

    Bicycles not allowed on Luas at all, even during quiet times. Best you can hope for is a driver who turns a blind eye as you lurk in the last carriage. I have been thrown off over the PA system & by inspectors :(

    1. Owen

      Then he could star in his own show called ‘Straight out of Brompton’.

      It could be a light take on the trendy hipster scene in Dublin, with cool info on beard trimming, not buying socks, and being a complete bellend.

  9. Niamh

    If this was taken at Grand Canal at 5.35 yesterday then I was on that dart – I got in through the doors just under the bridge there.

    I can tell you it was absolutely jam packed (same thing on Monday, I don’t know if they’re trialling shorter darts or what is happening but the last two days have been way too full and have been slow/delayed). It was so packed that we were all squeezed up against each other, many not in reach of anything to hold to steady themselves.

    My point is that it was really way too full so I seriously doubt that person actually got on the dart.

    I agree that people shouldn’t bring their bikes on darts at rush hour but in this guy’s defense, you can see he has a ticket from the machine in his hand rather than a leap card so I would guess that he doesn’t normally use public transport and this was a one off.

    1. Eve

      Yup, I was in that shot, about to clamber on. It was hell, I normally take the much earlier train. No idea how the rest of the commuters do this daily.

  10. Conor

    What immediately springs to mind – Remember a few years ago all that chaos because they were spending millions extending all the DART platforms for 8 carriage DARTs….ohhh yeahhh.

    The capacity is there, but the gov just didn’t doesn’t give a bull about public transport in this city.

    Hence the reason we’re getting a flippin’ LUAS to the airport.

    1. delta V

      Nailed it. 10 years from now (if we’re lucky) it’ll be a photo of inconsiderate tourists with big rollie suitcases jamming up the airport LUAS, because a DART spur from Clongriffin through government owned Belmayne-Belcamp NAMAland required more imagination at the time.

  11. Robyn

    Okay, it is really up to station staff to enforce this rule, but they are either not there to enforce it, or just don’t.

    (Un)Common sense would probably have told the man that rush hour, 1 stop out of town is not the time to be loading a bike onto a busy commuter train.

    It is a common problem, but internet shaming is not the way to solve it.

  12. Mr. T.

    What an idiotic thing to post.

    Why wasn’t he conforming, wearing a suit and staring into his phone constantly while avoiding all contact with others?

  13. pissedasanewt

    He should have walked up to an employee of Irish rail and mentioned it to him. That employee would then have got the rule book and shown this man, that actually bikes are not allowed during rush hour because due to cut backs we’ve reduced the number of number carriages on trains, so space is limited and if you wouldn’t mind waiting until after the 7pm threshold. The man would then have gone, that sounds reasonable. Can I bring lock my bike here and i’ll pick it up tomorrow, is it secure? The Irish rail man, would then have gone, sure thing. Lock it downstairs in full view of cctv, it should be ok for the night. The next day the man returns to find his bike gone and his lock cut through.

    Are prams allowed on trains at rush hour then? If we are going the inconsiderate route, how about those who natter away on their phones the whole way.. or body odour person? or the one time you manage to get a seat the largest person on the train happens to sit beside you.. the ONE time!! Everybody else has fupping jockies sitting beside them and I get the horse!!

  14. Jones

    Jeez, Hozier thinks he can do what he wants now!

    But in all fairness, who cares, to be fair. Similar outrage should apply to parents and prams, fatties, people with bags etc etc

  15. Ultravox

    @Tom: You’re a sneaky POS, a coward and an inciter of bullies and abuse. Got your jollies for the day? A-hole.

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