The new Labour leader said that he had received 40,000 questions after sending out an email asking for ideas. He began by reading out a question from Marie on the lack of affordable housing, a housing association worker, Stephen, who warned about cuts in staffing levels and Paul on the cuts in tax credits….

Corbyn puts voters’ questions to Cameron in first PMQs (Guardian)

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42 thoughts on “Grown Up

  1. Formerly known as

    I like Corbyn. I like the fact that he has thrown away the rule book. Unfortunately, I don’t think he will be PM. In the 1960’s, he may have had a chance. The Murdoch and other right wing media will keep attacking him.

    1. Spaghetti Hoop

      I don’t think he’ll make PM either, partly because of his age. But I think he has the metal to form a good opposition, unite his party and groom a successor. I’d say he’s fairly impervious to media attack…but I see your point…the British electorate suck in everything they read.

      1. Dόn Pídgéόní

        Agree, they need a uniting force after the abortion that was the Labour election campaign. Hopefully he can do it and change the ways things are done slightly do.

          1. Dόn Pídgéόní

            Abortion by killing off the potential future of the Labour party? I don’t know, I’ll ask news when he pops up next, he’s bound to have an opinion.

      2. classter

        ‘the British electorate suck in everything they read.’

        There is a bit of that alright. I frequently encountered colleagues over yonder repeating almost word-for-word opinions they’d picked up in the Evening Standard the evening before.

    2. Lorcan Nagle

      They went after him like nobody’s business during the Labour leadership election and he got a landslide victory with the party members, the unions and the paid-up voters. While that won’t translate completely to parlimentary politics, it does suggest that people in the UK are getting more skeptical of attack media.

      Also, they’ve been going at him like crazy since he won the leadership election, at this rate in 5 years time everyone will be sick to death of it.

  2. Rob_G

    A nice fellow, but he will never be PM – appointing a vegan to the agriculture portfolio? Talk about not knowing your audience…

    (Plus, seems to have a soft spot for middle eastern dictators and terror groups).

      1. Neilo

        Ah, Don, come on now – when I lived in London in the 80s, the Corbynator was already famous for palling about with unpleasant characters like the President For Life of PIRA/Sinn Féin Gerry ‘Anyone Seen Our Liam’ Adams.

        1. Dόn Pídgéόní

          In the 80’s, George Osbourne was snorting cocaine of a sex worker’s body. Funny the stuff you did when you are younger.

    1. David

      It’s actually ‘environment, food and rural affairs’, something which many vegans know a hell of a lot more about than your average MP/TD.

      I hope Corbyn bcomes PM. Failing that, I hope McCarthy does.

  3. ivan

    Just listen to the eloquence…regardless of whether you like him or not, but that’s how a parliamentarian should speak.

    compare/contrast with our gang of eejits…

  4. Rob_G

    He is on the record in the House of Commons referring to Hamas and Hezbollah as “our friends”

    – yes, I read this in the newspapers; I don’t actually know the man personally.

    1. Dόn Pídgéόní

      Oh, so you are regurgitating then, You know that everything they are writing at the moment, every single one of them, is a massive of hysteria without any consideration of the context of situations right?

      If you had watched the video, you would know that he is talking to representatives of these organisations who were there for a debate about the peace process in a friendly way, as many UK leaders have done before. I mean, the event in question was held in Parliament for god’s sake, the press make it sound like he was cuddled up in bed with them.

      It’s a nonsense, like everything else written about him to date is a nonsense. Agree or disagree with him but don’t misrepresent him.

      1. Rob_G

        James Bloodworth, left-wing journalist, went to a meeting of left-wing MPs where Corbyn spoke.

        “From memory, the speech was not so much anti-war, which would have been perfectly reasonable considering talk at the time of Nato intervention, as pro that country’s dictator, Colonel Gaddafi. I do not remember the exact contents of the speech – it took place when Corbyn was an obscure backbencher – only that audible groans filled enlightened corners of the hall, including my own, when the [Corbyn] began to reel off what he considered the “achievements” of the Gaddafi regime.”

        – now, of course journalists will sometimes take what politicians say out of context, but when there are a number of instances from a various different sources of a politician saying things like this, one has to wonder.

        1. Dόn Pídgéόní

          There is a video of the speech about Hezbollah. I’ll take that over the memory of journalists whose prime job these days seems to be hatchet pieces.

          Let’s not forget that the UK was arming Gaddafi. Oh yeah, no he’s the terrorist and the threat to my security. Stones and glasshouses and all.

          1. Rob_G

            Video of him speaking on holcaust-denying Iranian TV, too.

            “Let’s not forget that the UK was arming Gaddafi.”

            – what does this have to do with the price of eggs?

          2. Dόn Pídgéόní

            What, I thought you had evidence of this Gaddafi thing? I’m sure the press would like that? You can’t see how the government and other MPs coming out and saying “Boo, hiss Gaddafi” might be at odds with the fact that some of them signed off on supplying him with arms to keep his dictatorship going? No, just me then.

            Why, was he denying the Holocaust on Press TV? Or was he saying, you know what, those wars have screwed everything up for us all as has executing Bin Laden. But go ahead, take it out of context again.

            I’ve had 5 days of this crap waste of media time and I am fupping annoyed. The Tories have just got through massive cuts to credits for working families and managed to manipulate the call of no confidence in Jeremy Hunt and frankly, I am a hella more concerned about these things than talking something someone said 4 years ago out of context.

          3. Rob_G

            Why are you looking to give him a free pass on all of the questionable statements that he has made over the years which were, at best, very naive?

            You can still oppose Tory spending cuts while questioning some of the very worrying groups and causes that Jeremy Corbyn has associated himself with over the years.

          4. Dόn Pídgéόní

            It’s not a free pass when he hasn’t actually said any of the things you claim he has. I have massive issues with him but I won’t base those on untruths. I also hate Cameron with a vengeance but the same applies to him.

            You can’t oppose Tory anything when the press aren’t reporting it because Jeremy didn’t sing a song can you now?

            Neilo – Andrew Gilligan, who also had a show on Press TV? Well well.. look at that. I find it interesting that he has made naive decisions but they are effectively decisions that the government end up making 30 years later.

  5. Charger Salmons

    He’s Labour’s own Yanis Varoufakis.
    But without the ” rock star ” looks and the Greek god’s coherent economic programme.

    1. classter

      But with a much more sustained record of genuinely fighting for the causes he espouses rather than merely posturing.

  6. J

    Jeremy , a nice man who lives by the principles that he espouses. He neither has the charisma nor the intellectual capacity of Benn and will fail to convince with his poor rhetoric or logic of his narrative. He may light a match under Cameron ,but won’t set him on fire. Conservative don’t have the Lib Dems to temper them in gov, nor Labour to challenge them effectively. A shame.

    1. Neilo

      Not entirely on point there, Mr Kong, but I wholeheartedly endorse your libertine instincts *reaches in for handshake and wide grin at camera*

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