They haven’t gone away you know.

Tom McGurk, George Hook, Brent Pope minus Conor O’Shea will do a live panel analysis in DTwo, Harcourt Street, Dublin for the Ireland’s opening Rugby World Cup game versus Canada this Saturday.

Just when we thought they were out, they get dragged back in.



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10 thoughts on “RTD Two

  1. bingo

    George will be snorting into his mic on stage. Just like his radio show. T’would put a fella off the scoops in d2.

  2. Jimmy 2 tones

    Question: How can RTE who steal millions in tax’s from whatever fools pay it & also make tons of cash from advertising be outbid for the Rugby World Cup by a small little business in TV3 who only make money from advertising??

    Dont get me wrong its impressive what TV3 have achieved but it does not make any sense??

    1. jonotti

      RTE can’t put in a money no object bid, They provide public service broadcasting and have to strike a balance against value and interest.

        1. Frank

          Trouble is, RTE are up against yer man O’B., with the deep pockets. NOT mentioning ANY names !
          Isn’t he involved with TV3/TodayFM/Newstalk etc. ?
          Well, I know that he’s involved with the radio stations – I’m presuming TV3, too (three !).

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