A Handshake Not A Handout



This morning.

Merrion Street, Dublin

Taoiseach Enda Kenny and United Left Alliance TD Joan Collins with activists Donal Toolan (left) and Michelle Gaynor among a number of campaigners engaged in a multi-day protest outside government buildings against cuts to disability services in recent budgets.

(Sam Boal/RollingNews.ie)

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16 thoughts on “A Handshake Not A Handout

  1. pardon

    Apart from some snide comment, this post has not attracted any support as of yet. These are the people that truly matter . Not a bunch of water protesters being led by the second coming of the megaphoned Messiah.

      1. DubLoony

        The one group who really need help and they were among the first to have cuts applied. If there is a case for anyone to receive an increase in the budget, its those with disabilities.

  2. human

    Where are all the outraged people on this issue? No refugees involved so no one cares? You don’t get any activist points for posting and sharing about cuts to disability services.

  3. Louise Hannon

    I’m a water protestor. What recent budgets have done is take money from the weakest in society to pay bondholders at the behest of ECB etc. This is the face of brute capitalism in the EU today. It’s immoral. If FG/L cared enough it would never have been done but now the crocodile tears fool no one.

    1. olllie

      What we see in this photo is a parasite in a cheap suit looking for a photo op. The man is too stupid for words

    2. Miko

      Except the once off bondholders payment were to the likes of credit unions and pension funds who had kept their money in the banks.
      The real criminals in this country are the people who want day to day spending diverted from disability services to paying their water bill and engage in street thuggery to make that happen. There would be an extra billion a year available every year for disability and others services were it not for don’t want to pay water protestors delay implementation of water charges like every other civilised country.

  4. The Bottler

    The real issue here is that the State pays hundreds of millions each year to organisations like Rehab, Wheelchair organisations etc. etc. instead of introducing a scheme of direct payments to people with disabilities so that they themselves can control their own lives with dignity and independence.
    This will not happen as long as the self serving “advocates”??? of people with disabilities hold the ear of the State!

  5. Frilly Keane

    That Joan ‘wan
    goes from one protest
    To another

    That’s it
    That’s all she does

    I hope my neighbours in DSC remember this next year

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