25 thoughts on “Proven Results

      1. Mikeyfex

        I do believe it’s your first one, Mick, and I’ve often wondered how many times you’ve got to 90% complete and spotted an earlier error.

        1. Mick Flavin

          The Hoop has copped Tipp-ex use on at least one occasion, Mikey. Spellings aren’t that big a deal to change, but if I make a balls of someone’s face I have had to start again…

  1. Spaghetti Hoop

    And a break away from the normal subject matter.
    Shared with DUB and KERRY friends with full credit preserved to The Flav.

  2. Punches Pilot

    G’wan outta dat. Bitter aul culchies. Get back to milkin dem cows and stop getting upiddy youzan computars an all. Up the bleeedin dubs wha !!!!

  3. MotorCyclist

    One of the more effective players for the Dubs. What he lacks in skill, he makes up for in out and out aggressive play, “on the edge”. Its Wednesday now and nothing from Croke Park, so I guess thats how it is.

    In anyways, that embarrassing game last Sunday had the Dubs in it, WHICH made the GAA a tonne of money from each of their home games and whatever amount of jerseys bought WHICH makes sure my son gets a run out twice a week for his North County Dublin team for close to no expense.

    “Whats that son? Yes son, ey gouging is part of the game son. Work away, thats how we do it up here son” : )

    1. Rugbyfan

      If a rugby / soccer player had committed these fouls on the field of play the world of sports fans would be up in arms and saying he should be banned etc.
      GAA …rules are there to be broken, danced on and generally ignored.
      Get sent off ….appeal and get reinstated for he next match, rake someone in the eyes, bite someone…..an whatever. He is a tough player sure isn’t a tough game.
      Anyway Up the Dubs!

  4. bubbleandsqueak

    Is only a matter of time before someone loses an eye in the GAA – Colm Cooper came close enough when he was eye-gouged by Tyrone, Henry Shefflin spoke recently about the time he got an eye injury http://www.balls.ie/gaa/henry-shefflin-explains-his-fury-at-throwaway-comment-following-terrifying-injury/309765 and now this.

    The GAA could find itself at the end of a monster negligence legal claim, given how little they have done to tackle this issue.

  5. ollie

    Trial by broadsheet, how quaint!
    Why don’t you produce a cartoon strip showing Dennis O’Brien giving Michael Lowry a sack of cash, or a donation to Fine Gael in return for a water meter contract, or a debt writedown for Siteserv that included a few quid for the company directors?

    I guess the negative Dublin comments prove one thing; Internet access in the bog isn’t too bad after all!

    1. Mikeyfex

      And the people in the bog are the backward ones, I guess?

      …I can’t see any ‘negative Dublin comments’ here though either

  6. Hetrosexual Frilly Keane

    Ah here Mickie Fla
    Ya have’ta lemme have that one!

    “Mudder a’ sweet … Stitch it in’ta ‘im, would ya ffs ‘sur das’what yer dere for ffs”

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