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Further to the Dubs dawn ‘workout of hate’ shenanigans

former GAA president, Ireland South MEP Séan Kelly, has said that some form of sanction will have to be imposed on the Dublin players involved in the training session on Wednesday which broke Covid restrictions.

“If it is true it is surprising and very disappointing – especially coming from the six in a row Dubs,” he told Newstalk Breakfast. Such a successful team had a responsibility to lead by example, he added.

“Every club and every county in the country are probably frustrated they can’t get back out on the field but there is a road map there. The GAA have outlined the guidelines and everyone will have to stick by them.” Mr Kelly said that the GAA would have to react “strongly” to this breaking of restrictions as there was a need to be consistent in the way rules were applied.

Croke Park express ‘frustration and extreme disappointment’ over Dublin training (Irish Examiner)

Dublin GAA stars broke rules on Covid gatherings with early morning training (Independent.ie)


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Ian Collins writes:

The global leader in robotic lawnmowing, Husqvarna reveal the latest additions to its existing range of premium, easy to use robotic mowers for urban to midsized gardens, joining the wide selection of Automower® for large gardens up to 5,000m2.

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Helping to reduce direct emissions and the carbon footprint of GAA Clubs and local communities one lawn at a time, Husqvarna Ireland has launched its ‘Change For Climate Change’ GAA initiative. GAA clubs across the country will have the opportunity to fundraise for a greener solution to lawn maintenance, while also offering club members and local supporters the chance to transform how they maintain their very own lawn at home.


Christy Ring?

Rita Lowry?

Réabhlóid GAA.

A new one-hour documentary from Loosehorse for TG4 that tells the story of how hurling ‘redefined itself as a sport in the 1990s to truly become our national game’.

Linda Ni Ghriofa writes:

For over a century, the hurling spoils were shared among the traditional three superpowers of Cork, Kilkenny and Tipperary. As the decade began there was no sign of the aristocracy being unseated. Then, in five minutes in 1994, the hurlers of Offaly sparked a revolution.

Along came a collection of upstarts to destroy the old order, and go down in history as Ireland’s most charismatic, colourful and enduring personalities….

…Diarmuid Lyng, for whom the ‘90s provided the inspiration for his own stellar inter-county career with Wexford, is an authentic and affectionate Narrator.

Réabhlóid GAA is the story of how, in one decade a sport, and a country, changed forever.

Réabhlóid GAA on TG4 December 6 at 9.30pm.


GAAGO is a subscription based sports channel from RTÉ and the Gaelic Athletic Association

Enjoy gaelic games?

Read on.

A ‘Pissed-off GAA fan’ writes:

Over the past few weeks there have been some class GAA matches on. If you live outside of Ireland it means you need to access GAAGO to watch them legally. You can pay €79 for all games – hurling and football, which is fine if you’re into both sports and you have the cash.

If, on the other hand, you just wish to watch choice hurling or football matches it costs €10 a game. Last Saturday there were three hurling games back to back. That would have been a whopping €30 to see all three games – what is this, the UFC?

This weekend, Tipperary vs Galway and Clare vs Waterford will cost €14 each! A €4 increase per match for whatever reason.

Can both the GAA and GAAGO realise that not every Irish person abroad is raking it in tax-free in Dubai, particularly students or now unemployed gastronomy workers like myself.

Under normal circumstances people could probably chip in and watch the games together, but eh, maximum household rules and all that. Irish sports bars are also shut.

I get that there are no ticket sales this year, but it’s largely an amateur sport and we’re paying extortionate prices to watch the games online abroad.

My county, Tipperary, will play an historic Munster final on Sunday, but there’s no way I’m forking out more for that. I’ll do what I did for the Leinster hurling final…listen to it on the wireless. Get with the times GAAGO.





A letter from Roger Casements GAA Coventry to GAA HQ. Currently racial abuse in the GAA is seen as a Category IV offence – a minimum of 8 weeks suspension – whereas threatening language towards a referee is a Category V offence – receiving a minimum of 12 weeks suspension in all codes and at all levels

This morning/afternoon.

Neil Webb writes:

Roger Casements GAA Coventry are attempting to get the GAA to change their punishment and discipline process for racial abuse.

[Currently racial abuse in the GAA is seen as a Category IV offence whereas threatening language towards a referee is a Category V offence – receiving a minimum of 12 weeks suspension in all codes and at all levels.]

We think in this day and age it is unacceptable that the GAA takes such a lenient line on racism with a minimum of a mere 8 weeks considered appropriate punishment for such a disgusting and heinous act.

Petition here

Roger Casements GAA Coventry

Celebrations in Blackrock, Cork yesterday following Blackrock GAA Club’s victory over Glen Rovers in the Cork Hurling Final

This lunchtime.

Marty Morrissey told RTÉ’s News At One that all GAA club games at all levels have been suspended with immediate effect and until further notice.

Reading from a statement, Mr Morrissey said:

“The decision has been taken in the interest of public safety. A number of incidents have been brought to our attention in recent days, in particular, post-match celebrations and a lack of social distancing at certain events have proved disappointing and problematic.”

“This directive applies to all ages, all grades across the island. Club, social centres, bars are also to close. Training will continue to be permitted as per the guidelines, outlined for the relevant levels and the Government’s National Framework for Living With Covid-19…”

GAA suspend all club activity with immediate effect (RTÉ)