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  1. Optimus Grime

    So what was a state company is now dodging paying tax to the state! Some days this country just keeps on amazing me! Bring back Telecom Eireann I say!

    1. Owen C

      Think its probably in Jersey for accounting disclosure reasons, rather than tax reasons. Basically, they wont have to publish that much information on revenues/profits etc, though they would still be liable for tax given their business is conducted here and they have a registered branch here.

      1. Padi

        Not entirely for accounting or privacy reasons, stamp duty savings and now also, to a certain extent, with the new tax residence rules, not incorporating in Ireland gives you more flexibility for the future.

    2. Vote Rep #1

      Eircom has been bought, stripped and sold many times. Its been a long time since it was a semi state company.

    3. Murtles

      There was no of this Mickey Mousing and Donald Ducking when it was the old Post and Telegraphs Service. No siree.

    4. Clampers Outside!

      Remember when Mary Harney told everyone we should all buy stocks and get into doing a bit of stock exchange trading… you know, when she was trying to convince everyone to buy eircom shares… yeah?


      Oh, OK then.

  2. Mr. T.

    Eircom is not an Irish company.

    A lot of people still think it’s Telecom Eireann from the old days of state ownership. Same people who go to Mass and watch The Late Late because it’s a sin not to.

    1. Rich

      Certainly not a state body for a long time and from reading online they transferred their balance sheet to a new entity in Jersey in August of last year.

      All the same its rather ominous that the main telecoms infrastructure of this country is part of a pool of assets now registered in Jersey.

      Still more relevant than a post about some poorly parked car in an apartment block in Sandyford if you ask me……

  3. Saul

    It’s eiR? I might have been asleep for the launch on the new brand, but looking at the logo I thought it was just ei.

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