Making Us Live Without Rehab



Brian Hogan (left), who is living with an acquired brain injury (ABI), and Dr Mary Morrogh, sister of Dominic Morrogh, also is living with an ABI, campaigning outside Leinster House yesterday


Dr Mary Morrogh writes:

I haven’t done this before, so please forgive the out of the blue email. I’m trying to drum up some extra momentum for an Advocacy campaign ABI (acquired brain injury) Ireland launched yesterday.

My brother Dominic was badly brain damaged after a kite surfing accident on Dollymount Strand in 2011 and my family have been working with them for the last few years.

Yesterday ABI launched the campaign and both my sister in law (Dom’s wife, Tara) and my sister Mary were involved in speaking out. Tara on the Sean O’Rourke show and Mary at the press conference.

The campaign is based on asking the government to actually budget for resources to help the estimateds 13,000 people in Ireland who suffer brain injuries annually. Most of these people don’t have access to rehabilitation or a decent level of help and are left to languish in care homes having been signed off by the system. The government put together a plan for neuro-rehabilitation services in 2011 but nothing has come of it yet.

in short, just asking you to sign the petition [link below] and share with the hashtag #righttorehab.

Introduce a dedicated programme of investment for people with Acquired Brain Injuries (

Thanks Lorna Jennings


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7 thoughts on “Making Us Live Without Rehab

  1. Bob

    Best of luck with the campaign, though I suspect that unless a member of FG/lab have a relative in that situation, they won’t be arsed doing anything about it.

  2. Caroline

    Depressing that nothing has changed in the 20 years since my family was affected by this. “Languishing” is putting it mildly in some cases. There’s nothing like watching the lights slowly going out in another person.

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