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From top: Upstairs in the Fumbally Café, home of the Lalala Choir; Founder Sam Kavanagh


Regardless of experience.

Sam Kavanagh writes:

I’m a choir conductor and I’ve just moved back to Dublin, having been working /researching in Hungary at the  Kodály Institute of Music Pedagogy for the past few years.

I’m setting up a new choir in Dublin city centre (above the Fumbally Café, Fumbally Lane, Dublin 8) that’s open to anyone and everyone, regardless of experience. Thursdays 7.30-pm-9.30pm, starting next Thursday for 10 weeks.

It would be great if you could pass on the information to your readers (or indeed you might be interested in joining yourselves!)…

*clears throat, gargles*

Lalala Choir (Facebook)r

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10 thoughts on “Join The Lalala Choir

  1. Clampers Outside!

    Mrs McCluskey said I can’t sing…. for sh*te. That was ….oooh, around 1978/79. Feckin’ yoke! I was a bit off that day, i hinted at such, but she wouldn’t let me have another go at the doh, rae, mees…. feckin’ big blue meany


  2. Pavarotti

    Never mind the choir! Look at Sam. Hello Sam. I said “Hello Sam”. Why didn’t my choirmaster look like Sam? :(

    1. Ginner Winner Frilly Keane

      Could still happen
      G’wan down on Thursday
      Pretty sure he’ll be waving his baton at ya

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