Raise Your Eyes To Heaven


Church-of-St-Vincent-Ferrer1 Church-of-St.-Francis-Xavier1 church-21St-Monicas-Church1

Vertical composite panoramas of New York church interiors by Richard Silver.

Capturing such architectural glory, sez he, involves ‘finding the perfect location in the center aisle then shooting vertically from the pew to the back of the church gives the perspective that only architecture of this style can portray.’

Above: the Church of St Vincent Ferrer, Church of St Francis Xavier, Church of St. Stephen / Church of St. Paul the Apostle and St. Monica’s Church

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4 thoughts on “Raise Your Eyes To Heaven

  1. meadowlark

    I like those very much. Went to St.Vitus’ cathedral in Prague and the sheer size of it took my breath away.

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