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Last night.

Panorama on BBC1.


“Wherever animals are used for entertainment and profit corners will always be cut. Cruelty, exploitation and death are a sad reality of the horse racing industry here in Ireland and the UK.

“The industry is not glamourous, it’s not fun and it should come to an end because of the immense exploitation and cruelty involved.

“We call on kind people everywhere to tear up their betting slips and would urge progressive members of government to axe any further grants in the upcoming budget to this deadly industry.”

Animal rights campaigner John Carmody this morning.

The Dark Side of Horse Racing (BBC)

A 34 image digital composite of the skyscape from Auriga to Orion- the fruit of a total of 430 hours of exposure. But what are we seeing? Many old friends of this series of posts, certainly. To wit:

Starting on the far upper left, toward the constellation of Auriga (the Chariot driver), is the picturesque Flaming Star Nebula (IC 405). Continuing down along the bright arc of our Milky Way Galaxy, from left to right crossing the constellations of the Twins and the Bull, notable appearing nebulas include the Tadpole, Simeis 147, the Monkey’s Head, the Jellyfish, the Cone and Rosette nebulas. In the upper right quadrant of the image, toward the constellation of Orion (the hunter), you can see Sh2-264, the half-circle of Barnard’s Loop, and the Horsehead and Orion nebulas. Famous stars in and around Orion include, from left to right, orange Betelgeuse (just right of the image center), blue Bellatrix (just above it), the Orion belt stars of Mintaka, Alnilam, and Alnitak, while bright Rigel appears on the far upper right. This stretch of sky won’t be remaining up in the night very long — it will be setting continually earlier in the evening as mid-year approaches.

(Image: Alistair Symon)


Behold: what could be a very nice ad for what looks like a VW Tiguan, but isn’t. To wit:

Assembled in a 360 degree panoramic projection, the mosaicked frames were captured at January’s end along a quiet country road near Siemiony, northeastern Poland, planet Earth. The night was cold and between trees reaching toward the sky shine the stars and nebulae of the northern winter Milky Way. Near zenith is bright star Capella, a mere 43 light-years above the tree tops. Alpha star of the constellation Auriga the Charioteer and part of the winter hexagon asterism, Capella is a well-studied double star system. Follow the Milky Way above and right of Capella and you might spot the familiar stars of Orion in the northern winter night.


Ultra HD ‘footage’ of Mars created by panning (using the Ken Burns effect) across high definition panoramas composed of stills taken by various Mars rovers. It’s not video but it’s very engaging.

Full screen for best effect and, if you’ve turned down the volume, ElderFoxDocumentaries sez:

Although the cameras are high quality, the rate at which the rovers can send data back to earth is the biggest challenge. Curiosity can only send data directly back to earth at 32 kilo-bits per second. Instead, when the rover can connect to the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter, we get more favourable speeds of 2 Megabytes per second. However, this link is only available for about 8 minutes each Sol, or Martian day. As you would expect, sending HD video at these speeds would take a long long time. As nothing really moves on Mars, it makes more sense to take and send back images.



The Prince And The Epstein Scandal on BBC One at 9pm.

Prince Andrew could be in more trouble after Virginia Roberts Giuffre interview (New York Post)

Church-of-St-Vincent-Ferrer1 Church-of-St.-Francis-Xavier1 church-21St-Monicas-Church1

Vertical composite panoramas of New York church interiors by Richard Silver.

Capturing such architectural glory, sez he, involves ‘finding the perfect location in the center aisle then shooting vertically from the pew to the back of the church gives the perspective that only architecture of this style can portray.’

Above: the Church of St Vincent Ferrer, Church of St Francis Xavier, Church of St. Stephen / Church of St. Paul the Apostle and St. Monica’s Church

More here.