Help Find Unlucky Ducky



Felix (right) and ‘Ducky’ (arrowed) in happier times


Carol Ballantine writes:

I know you don’t usually do this, but this weekend we lost my son Felix’s extremely beloved duck on the Number 77 bus from Pearse Street [Dublin]. It was around 5pm, and we got on at Pearse St and off at Cork St. Dublin Bus lost property doesn’t operate at the weekends, and by the time we called, there was no sign of Ducky.
If anybody saw Ducky and could give us a lead, it would be amazing. Alternatively, if anyone has any ideas about where we could get a replacement Ducky. We won him at a fair in the Green Door Market on Newmarket Square at the beginning of the summer – I think it was for the Hope Foundation…


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36 thoughts on “Help Find Unlucky Ducky

    1. donkey_kong

      go f yourself ,

      as a dad I know the pain of when the special teddy goes missing.
      our eldest teddy spent a night in dunnes stores once ,

      hope it works out for the little guy

    2. Fardays

      Emotional attachments to inanimate objects are first world problems? Evidence (at least from the medieval period, which I know best, but I suspect from even longer ago) suggests otherwise.

      1. meadowlark

        My mam knit an absolutely hideous bear for my daughter before she was born. She adores it. When it went missing she knit a new one, which was plump and furry and gorgeous. He has been ignored with that single-mindedness that only a two yr old can muster

      2. Prop Joe

        Are you saying you know the medieval period best, bro?
        You wanna throw down a medieval off or what, bro?
        I’ll medieval all over you!

      3. Mick

        First world problem= sharing photo with strangers of child and lost “Ducky” in happier times. Irritating, precocious and self indulgent.

        1. Fardays

          But that is, by definition, not a problem. You have just stated an action (i.e., sharing a photo). The problem is the emotional attachment to a lost item, which is not a ‘first-world problem.’

        2. mr lava lava

          maybe you should stop being a brave internet warrior and feck off to the third world and help out eh ?

        1. Fardays

          I suspect, even in antiquity, it’s a bit much to expect a stoic approach to emotional attachments from a child. Although, that’s what I assume you are getting at, because I don’t have a time machine, only some books and the opportunity to teach history. On balance…I’d prefer a time machine though.

          1. mmm

            Fardays is like the icing on my bun (cupcake if you prefer). A sprinkling of goodness on a Tuesday afternoon. Yum Yum

  1. Carol

    Thanks for the book tip JoeO: it looks gorgeous. Work away with the preaching – it’ll be worth it if it helps find Ducky. Parenting can be pretty stressful in the first world as well as the other ones, and anything that makes it go more smoothly is a good thing.

      1. Carol

        For serious? Any idea when you saw that? We were in the playground in Merrion Sq after the march for choice, and then headed home on the bus. We could have lost him in the playground…

  2. CiaraK

    I left my Ducky on the subway in New York about 20 years ago, I imagine he’s had great adventures ( he was dressed as a sailor) but has probably settled down by now.

  3. Carol

    Fair play to Jayann Maher, fundraiser extraordinaire at the Hope Foundation. She tracked down a box of Ducky’s cousins in Skerries, and we’re in the process of organising a handover and a teary reunion. Felix will be delighted. Thanks everybody for the support through the dark times.

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