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  1. Carlos Strange

    Dudes, Have any of you ever seen Paul O’Connell in person? He’s not small, and he’s lifting the Brute Burger up (he’s very strong) and it’s pretty much the size of HIS ENTIRE BODY! I’d have thought it was just some photo-trickery but there is absolutely zero mention of the Brute Burger depicted in that advert NOT BEING actual size, so, for 18.50… that’s quite the steal!!!!!! In fact, I dare say it’s SCRUMptious!

  2. TK

    A 5 star hotel has an expensive burger! Wow this kind of stuff obviously only happens when a country is out of a recession.

    1. Simon O'Doherty

      it’s not a five star hotel. it’s not associated with a five star hotel. it is located beside a five star hotel.

      1. Bejayziz

        Well you got the double hamburger, the sweet potato fries and a bottle of craft beer. If you got a hamburger and normal chips it would have been 10 or 11 and then just go for a pint across the road in one of the many pubs…wouldnt pay 6 euro for a 33cl bottle of beer okish beer myself

  3. trueblueterry

    To be fair, that’s right outside Arthur Cox. I think with their €33m of taxpayers money they can afford it.

  4. Cian

    18.50 is dear, but I haven’t seen a tenner pint/burger/chips deal in years and the 12/13 quid ones are usually something undrinkable (Fosters, Carling etc). Pint of what they have on that deal is about 6 to begin with.

  5. Nilbert

    wow, burgers and craft ale, how novel!

    Most of Dublin smells like a rendering plant these days.
    When will young people get back to smoking and forget all this ‘artisan’ nonsense?

  6. martco

    can someone explain to me WHY burgers get ruined by the sneaky layering-in of massive slices of fairly tasteless beef tomatoes???? wtf is it with that atall?! just do this:

    should be either a) quality floury white bap or b) brioche bun lightly toasted – set to side & keep warm

    combination’s of beef and lamb mince work well, seasoned with proper salt and pepper + top tip is add a little beef dripping into the mix (to get something close its easy enough to slowly fry some offcuts of fat and render it out from your sirloin/striploin steak rinds..never ever throw out those rinds of fat or give to the dog when prepping your steak ever, into a bag and the freezer and then u have them when u need them)
    if you have control over it go for a coarser rather than pulverised mince setting, ask the butcher
    mix all ingredients in a bowl, add herby extras if you really feel you must but never so much of it that it interferes with the binding of the mix

    assembly of the patty:
    take a plate and pour a couple of drops of plain oil on (defo not virgin olive oil) salt + pepper for coating, take the burgermix in tennisball size from the mixing bowl onto this plate and mould and shape the patty little over 1cm thick

    pan- whatever you do get it proper hot. be confident with the heat this is where gas is best if u have. those griddle pans ok. if you have fancier gear you probably already know what you’re doing. for a normal pan I’ll have it on the heat for over 5 mins before I land a patty near it…use the same pan you used to render out the beef dripping earlier just give it a wipe first if poss

    patty onto the hot pan, if you can one at a time…..don’t crowd out the pan or u lose the heat
    don’t fiddle with the pattys, move them about, poke them or anything them, leave alone or you’ll ruin the sear and carmelisation going on! I like to plop on a sideplate bottom down onto the top surface of the patty to really nail it to the pan’s surface – it improves the crust and accelerates cooking which for me is 3 mins on the first side max
    flip the patty, not same this time tho, no sideplates etc, remember the patty now almost done this is just to seal the deal, for me 60-90 secs depending on thickness of patty…if you like cheese this imo is the correct time to land your slice/grated onto the top so it’s melting in already

    final assembly:
    for me I like a bit of glue and as already mentioned don’t like shite like beef tomatoes going on but thats up to u…so I tend to go for classic cheeseburger style, skim of mayo, decent burger relish and some well fried onions on the bottom bun, burger on with cheese already melting in, top on with a skim of dijon/mayo

    finally, you may have thrown a bottle of budvar or similar into the freezer whilst all this work was afoot, sit down with it and your burger, do not allow anybody to interrupt you eating it, do not share it with your girlfriend/wife/boyfriend/whomever

    1. Bejayziz

      and the big blue bus in the shaw is 11 (i think) for a pizza n pint ….beer house on capel st is a tenner for a pizza and pint too

  7. David

    Guys the burger is giantic.
    It comes with fries loads, the usual amount
    The beer is roughly around €4.50-€6
    The regular burger is €14.50 so for double the meat and a pint for an extra €4. It’s a great bargain if u ask me

  8. Dong

    Alfie Byrnes is crap. It feels like you’re sitting in one of those ‘ Irish bars’ on a sealink stena line to Holyhead. Their sister pubs are decent, in fairness.
    Re burger: you must be able to pick up a burger without the contents landing on your lap. Oversize burgers look great but are rubbish to eat.
    Bunsen is yer man then the bleedin horse/slatts(rathmines)/barge for the match. (There actually aren’t many good match pubs around that neck of the woods)

    1. Deluded

      It’s the World Cup of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland and of the other Realms and Territories.
      I’m enjoying it : )

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