Walls And Bridges




The Intreo Jobs Fair, Dublin Castle, Dublin.

JimmyTheHead writes:

Got a semi-threatening letter telling me to attend an Intreo [formerly Fás] jobs fair in Dublin castle. Above is a pic of the “Jobs Wall”. Probably would have been a great idea, if there wasn’t over a thousand people arriving every hour. Also nice to see Dublin Bus have joined the Job Bridge band wagon, having by far the biggest stall in the fair. Tenner says they’re next to be privatised. #TalkToJoan #AskMeBolix


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32 thoughts on “Walls And Bridges

      1. Owen

        But seriously…. what are you looking for? I’m more curious to know if there is anything even remotely similar / available at the likes of these events or are they all geared at a particular sections of the unemployed.

        1. JimmytheHead

          Nothing Im remotely qualified in or experienced in at the fair but theres a good few online Ive applied for, but very few responses as demand is HUGE. I have a Job Bridge officer whos great I have to say. Very helpful and open to hearing my case and contact places for me to apply. The Jobs fair was a joke tho, I imagine the printed materials they hand out for free would cost well over 10k alone, not including all the booths and stalls and Im guessing Dublin Castle cost a few quid to book out for the seminar.

          1. Owen

            That’s great to hear the system is somewhat supportive, by I do wonder the capital cost of fairs like this vs. the employment achieved from them. Not that cost should define success, but they are linked.

            Good luck with it. Never nice to see so many people older then a graduate looking at a jobs wall. A bit depressing really.

          2. JimmytheHead

            Yea I was a tad overwhelmed by the age of most people who attended – Im in my early 30’s and felt very young. Im a supporter of the JB system if its implemented correctly but this was a sham, a very expensive one at that.

            P.s. my qualifications are in animation, video and design.

          3. Rob_G

            Think about the cost to the the state in keeping someone on social welfare, though – over 10K per year in social welfare payments alone, and much more when you factor in things like rent allowance, etc.

            So, if the fair cost €100,000 and only 10 or 12 people got jobs out of it, it would still represent a saving to the state.

          4. Owen

            That’s a fair point. One I did not consider.

            Jimmy, look at the engineering firms websites. Arup, Jacops, Buro H, CH2MHill, SOM. They are always employing graphics / InDesign people. – granted, you are selling your sole to the man.

          5. JimmytheHead

            Good point rob, guess youre not a complete dumbass after all :-)
            i’d sooner see the money go into second and third level education tho as that would (imo) help more than a few quid every week from the dole.

      2. garthicus

        Jimmy send me a message and we will connect on linkedin and I’ll introduce you to an animation connection or two here in Dublin, my email is my username on broadsheet at Hotmail dot com (don’t laugh at my Hotmail address…)

  1. _d_a_n_

    Bloke in left foreground probably shouldn’t be scratching his whole while looking for gainful employment.

    These bloody people.

  2. Wayne.F

    Dublin Bus, Privatized, either you are an excellent comedian or a poor economist! Dublin Bus is a massive loss making entity with out the government subsidy, it also has very strong unions, deluded pay scales and terrible brand recognition. Nobody would touch it

    1. ahjayzis

      London’s buses are heavily subsidized and are privately owned – they wouldn’t cut subsidies if they were to privatise them.

    2. JimmytheHead

      Could have said the same about Irish Water 10 years ago, now all execs involved have their pockets lined with gold and the service/standard has changed F-all bar a few shoddy plastic water meters installed. Dub bus is a gold mine waiting to be extracted, chopped up and divided between ministers… oops i mean investors :-)

          1. Rob_G

            Well, my reply is reflective of the calibre of comment I was responding to.

            – that article is basically proposing that IW will be privatised due to some confusion over phrasing.

            – as regards your dumb*ss comment, I found it very upsetting; I almost started crying.

            In work.

            In the job, which I have.

            As a video editor, as it happens.

            – who is the dumb*ss now, smart guy?


          2. JimmytheHead

            Well good for you! Im actually trying to upskill and get into directing – live action and animation. Last few full timers ive had I was the directors assistant, compositing and after effects stuff. You’d be surprised how many big jobs are on JB for 50 quid a week.

            Hopefully your jobs a bit more secure than the last few ive had. No sarcasm intended.

  3. andydufresne2011

    Fair play to you Jimmy. I’m ex-animation too and had to change career as there was so little work and I didn’t want to leave the country. Now I push paper for a living. I hope you get a good position soon. Chin up.

    There’s some awful f8ck!n idiots on this site

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