Munificence Doesn’t Live Here Anymore


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Longboat Quay complex at Sir John Rogerson’s Quay, Dublin and developer Bernard McNamara


You may recall how Michael Clifford, in the Irish Examiner, reported in February how fire marshals had been on constant patrol in the Longboat Quay apartment development in Dublin since June 2014, following the discovery of major construction flaws that rendered the buildings firetraps.

This morning, Mr Clifford reported that the owners of apartments at Longboat Quay have been told that they must come up with €4million in less than a week – between €9,300 and €18,000 each depending on the size of their apartment – or Dublin Fire Brigade will have the building evacuated.

Mr Clifford reported that while a tender has been accepted for remedial works at the development on Sir John Rogerson’s Quay, no funding has been acquired to carry out the work.

Longboat Quay was built by Bernard McNamara’s development firm, Gendsong, which is in receivership. Mr McNamara is currently redeveloping the former Canada House site on St Stephen’s Green for Denis O’Brien.

Richard Eardley, resident and director of Longboat Quay management company, spoke to Áine Lawlor on RTÉ’s News At One about the situation facing the residents of Longboat Quay.

Áine Lawlor: “Do you think it’s realistic that Bernard McNamara who has discharged, having built this, has discharged his debt and is now back in business, do you think it’s realistic that, out of concern for the plight of residents, he will re-engage, do you think the receiver will come up with more? Do you think the Docklands Authority will come up with more?”

Richard Eardley: “Well the receiver has been very engaged throughout and they have said they’ve made a significant contribution so far, as have the DDDA [Dublin Docklands Development Authority]. It would be wonderful to think that Bernard McNamara might out of his munificence, come back and contribute towards a problem that he was part of creating in the first place.”

Lawlor: Are you holding your breath on that one?”

Eardley:No. It would be wonderful to see. Do I think it’s going to happen? I’m not sure. It would be wonderful if some pressure could be put on, because that is where the original fault lies. The problem is his development vehicle Gendsong went into liquidation so there is no legal recourse there. We’re dependent upon the other parties, the receiver who’s looking after the assets of Gendsong in the development and the DDDA who is still the owners of the common areas of the development to make their significant and very best proposals to sort the problem out.”

Listen back in full here

Dublin apartment residents face €4m bill over fire concerns (RTE)

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30 thoughts on “Munificence Doesn’t Live Here Anymore

  1. doncolleone

    most of these celtic tiger era apartment blocks are held together by spit and prayers, doubt this is the last one of the lot that needs to be brought up to western world standards.

  2. jungleman

    McNamara is responsible for some of the finest buildings in Ireland. It’s not even clear if it is his company or the current management co that is responsible for this mess.

    Funny how quick people are to start hurling ignorant abuse without considering all the facts.

    1. Ms Piggy

      ‘some of the finest buildings in Ireland’, eh? Well that’s Gandon told, isn’t it? Which buildings were you thinking of, specifically?

    2. Rob_G

      Unless the management went in and removed some smoke vents and made replaced the existing walls with weaker ones, you are talking through your hoop.

    3. Clampers Outside!

      Do you even know what a management co. does ffs… ya bleedin’ knob end!

      It was clear as day on News At One that DDDA and McNamara are responsible but as Enda pointed out in the Dail there was no regulation enforcement so these cowboys in the DDDA and McNamaras did what they liked.

      Now… do you want a lesson in what management companies do? Yeah, then google it.

  3. reidman

    He’s too busy working for redacted to care, as well as extending the K Club he’s flat out with construction projects. Great country.

      1. Bob

        In Ireland? You must be joking.

        As always, it’ll be a case of closing the door after the horses have bolted. Those responsible will get away scott free (even having some deluded fools hailing them as entrepreneurial heroes), while the victims pick up the bill (that will no doubt be spread to the general public too.

        The government will say they’ll make sure it never happens again. 6 months later, it’ll happen again.

        1. scottser

          i wish to point out that i have never been let go free for any wrongdoing. the phrase ‘scott-free’ simply does not apply to anyone called ‘scott’.

  4. tomkildare

    this actually should be the RICS problem. there representative designed and signed off the building so its them and their insurance company should be picking up the tab for them not doing their job properly. I dont know what it has anything to do with daaa they just sold land.

  5. perricrisptayto

    I sincerely hope that Bernard is ok after his UK based bankruptcy, I hope the poor chap is able to make ends meet.
    It’s a strange country we live in, dont pay your tv license,straight to jail.
    Hide behind a myriad of ltd companies,rip to your hearts content, and nobody can touch you.
    Im leaving.

  6. Wilhelm

    Wasn’t there another one of his Celtic tiger era builds somewhere in the GCD with similar issues? Were these buildings not inspected and simply signed off as compliant? Who signed them off?

  7. Disasta

    This will all come to a head one day, and a bunch of innocent people will be burned, crushed or just lose their investment.

    Crime, it’s against the law unless you’re rich or owe a load of cash.

  8. Jake38

    Another example of the appalling nature of public administration in this country. No inspection of ongoing construction projects (what exactly do local authorities do in this country?) plus “voluntary” self-certification and compliance (by builders, I kid you not) results in this kind of disgrace. No one is responsible, no one is accountable and no one picks up the tab except the purchaser or the taxpayer. A farce. And by the way, does anyone think this firebomb-in-waiting or Priory Hall are the only examples of this kind of stuff?

  9. KevM

    There are rumours that Irish Water is to be a tenant in this new development. Has anyone else heard this?

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