14 thoughts on “Up All Night

  1. Bubbles

    Ignore those comments DarraghNoob. This is not a common occurrence. Something must have gone seriously wrong with the ETMOMS (Earth-to-Moon Orbit Maintenance System.) Ring Aras an Uactarain, and if you don’t get through there don’t waste time, try NASA straight away. The longer the moon is allowed to stay in the sky, the worse it will be for all of us.
    Stop what you’re doing, DarraghNoob, and step up. Nobody asks to be a hero, but now is your time. For Ireland, for Mankind. Save us. Put the moon back in its shed before noon, or it’ll dry out.

    1. Gorev Mahagut

      Don’t be daft. It’s daytime on earth but it’s still nighttime on the moon, that’s all. They’re not on Greenwich Meanwhile up there.

      1. Bubbles

        It’s night time on the other side of the moon. THE OTHER SIDE! The moondaytime side is the side with the vinegar mines.
        I’m off, I need to count my tins of food and stock up on water. I don’t have wifi in my day-moon bunker so you won’t be hearing from me again.

        God, or like, whatever, have mercy on our souls.

  2. pedeyw

    I like a good daytime moon. It gives everything a bit of a sci fi feel. Not very unusual but quite cool nonetheless.

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