19 thoughts on “A Limerick A Day

  1. ivan

    “REDACTED said he wanted to “take a stand” to force the web giants to “put their hands in their pockets”

    Says the fuppin’ tax exile.

  2. Seriously

    What a strange argument. He seems to be suggesting that content makers and advertisers should invest in medium through they are delivered. Surely Google and Facebook help him attract more customers and it is the customers who pay for the medium?

  3. perricrisptayto

    Man can do whatever the **ck he wants to.
    Aint no one gonna stop him either.
    Think i’ll ring Joe.

  4. squidlimerick

    Could facebook and google not cut off digicel ip addreses . That would please his customers not being able to post their selfies

  5. Chris

    For someone who likes to avoid any press his jolly paunch, big red chubby face and white hair sure has become awfully familiar recently. I’m talking of course about Santa Clause. Yay Christmas.

  6. Brian S

    Basically what he is doing here is an experiment in a small market place that could have huge implications for free information. By free I mean monetarily and otherwise. He is laying the ground work for blocking content on mobile platforms, by citing ads as a reason. What’s to stop him blocking the Irish times saying they have intrusive ads, it could also be because they wrote an editorial stating he bribed politicians…

    In my view this is an incredibly dangerous precedent to be set by a mobile provider, just cause to happening in Haiti now, doesn’t mean Vodafone won’t be keeping a keen eye on it as a new source of revenue.

  7. edalicious

    This is absolutely insane.

    “Currently, these companies do not pay to make use of the network and the services they provide on it suck up bandwidth to make money for themselves through advertising while putting no money in.”

    The customers that pay for the network, pay for it because they want to use those services. If there was no content, no one would pay for an internet connection. Imagine if a company had to pay every single ISP in the world?

  8. John

    Digicel need to produce 2 services

    A free service that includes the advertisements

    A premium service that will be advert free

  9. LookingOn

    I hope Google + Facebook and any others call his bluff, and remove their services from Digicel internet – enabled mobile and landlines and any satellite services. Mr. New World Order must be taught a lesson.

  10. Mr. T.

    He’s using the big names as a red herring. He’s trying to monetize the internet on a usage basis (a bit like mobile data charges).

    I can’t stand this man.

  11. phil

    I have this feeling that DOB does not know how to play the game, and to my mind thats what happens when unsuitable people are promoted beyond their abilities or natural progress. An example of the dangers of turning a blind eye to corruption ….

  12. TheDude

    This is a bit like if Sony, Panasonic, Samsung etc wanted a cut of TV channel advertising revenue. Sure they built the boxes.. I wonder what blocking would be in place if himself controlled Irish ISPs. For broadsheet it would be adios muchachos

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