Brian McMahon, with Joe Collins, writes:

After almost 5 years of digitising content for the time is right to bring these scans back to the format in which they first appeared, and the format in which they are best appreciated. Print.

I am delighted to announce that the Brand New Retro book will be on sale from early November.

The book is a uniquely Irish compendium of over 700 images, adverts and articles featuring the best bits from along with lots of new scans.

The book is published by Liberties Press and will be launched at Eason bookstore, O’Connell Street, Dublin on Thursday, November 12.

Brand New Retro – The Book, November 2015 (Brand New Retro)

Brand New Retro on Broadsheet

7 thoughts on “Finally

  1. human

    Are they paying royalties to all the photographers and artists who created the original content?

    1. Gerry Carr

      How much would you price a 40 y.o. pic of Mick Martin at? The effort is in collecting, scanning and preserving items that are pre-internet and would have been lost forever. Hat tip though on finding something to complain about in an effort that is wholly well meant. You must be a very happy man

    1. Oh Dear

      Throw in a copy of the BS Book of Unspecified Things That Look Like Ireland while you’re at it.

      Tis quite good! And only about a fiver.

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