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Residents of Longboat Quay, David Kindlon, Michael Ingle, Caroline McEvoy, Niamh Bruce and Seamus Bagnall, outside Leinister House earlier before they met Environment Minister Alan Kelly

Meanwhile, in the Dáil…

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26 thoughts on “Cracking On

  1. Mr. T.

    The country is run in the interests of people like McNamara who use and abuse the system to their advantage with the full protection of their little minions in Government.

    If you want change, stop voting for the legacy parties of FF, FG and Labour.

    Vote Social Democrats and/or Sinn Fein instead.

          1. Neilo

            By the way, I know I give PIRA/Sinn Fein a lot of grief on this board, but I would pay cash money down to hear Mary Lou read McNamara the riot act.

    1. classter

      Whatever – I would never have bought from McNamara & I would never sign up to a 20-year mortgage without doing some serious due diligence.

      I’m getting really tired of renting & paying tax to shell out for the laziness & sloppiness of the middle classes in the generations(s) before me.

  2. ollie

    Owners in my apartment development coughed up €3,000 each to fix fire defects. I’m looking forward to a refund from Mr Kelly!!!

  3. Randy Ewing

    Ok out of the loop on this slightly, but didnt they have homebond cover or something similar ?

    And if not why would you buy somewhere where the quality is not insured ?

    1. ollie

      Randy; Homebond covers nothing.

      you’re attitude is typical. It’s the buyers fault.
      The problem is this; Residential buildings are signed off by competent………………oh what’s the point? you’re obviously too stupid to understand.

    2. Deluded

      “… before October 2008, the scheme (HomeBond) was not underwritten by an outside insurer and it was not regulated by the Financial Regulator or anyone else.
      As to who owns HomeBond, it is very difficult to get a precise answer. Certainly HomeBond is owned, in the first instance, by the National Housebuilding Guarantee Company, which was established in 1977. It is a limited company without share capital, which means it has no listed shareholders.”

  4. phil

    Ive said it before , I reckon if a Developers levy is mooted , similar to the 2% insurance levy we have all being paying for the Quinn insurance debacle , then there will be very swift movement , the only thing these guys understand is the bottom line, and we should deal with them like that …

      1. paul m

        that would be the ‘idiots’ who built them. It appears there was and still is no requirement for sign off on site inspection of the finished work. Plans were submitted that conformed to regulations, they were signed off on, therefore build proceeds on the understanding the contractors are following the plans exactly. Considering the speed at which builds went up during boomtime corners were undoubtedly cut and now it seems pyrite is the least of peoples worries. I imagine every single apartment complex built since 2000 will need a full fire safety inspection.

        Self regulation. Its worked wonders for government, the banks, and now the building industry.

  5. Urbanfrog

    Ring ring….hello bernard, mary loo here. Can you pay up?……No. click. hello hello bernard!

    1. Anne


      Or ring ring,
      Hello baaaarnaaaard, is dat ju?
      Dis is Enda spaaakin’.
      I’d like ta discush da mather of da apartments ya built der a while back, not so long ago, the ones on da news.
      Will ya fix um Baaarnard?

      No. Click.

  6. Charley

    Mc Namara seems to be synonymous with crap building Letterkenny Hospital for instance,€40m to fix his handiwork, funny how Redacted has Bernie building for him now?

  7. Odockatee

    There are many quality builders out there

    There are many quality builders out there

    There are many quality builders out there

    There are many quality builders out there

    There are many quality builders out there

    There are many quality builders out there

    There are many quality builders out there

    There are many quality builders out there

    There are many quality builders out there

    1. classter

      There are but Irish people are so mad to invest in property & get the biggest returns that they will go for lowest cost build over best value build at almost any opportunity.

  8. panga

    ask Dinny O’Brien for the number….MacPoo is building his new offices in town….. ohhhhh Dinny and a snag list….

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