Meanwhile, At Dublin Airport




Gary Dunne tweetz:

“Michael O’Leary on passport desk at Dublin airport this morning. [He] just checked me in in London flight. Seriously.”


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32 thoughts on “Meanwhile, At Dublin Airport

  1. Wayne.F

    He regularly spends days, completing other people’s jobs within his company to see how they work and operate. He also is seen on check in desks, ticket sales and acting as a trolly dolly

      1. classter

        He doesn’t have the commitment to aesthetics that Steve P did – the colour scheme on the inside of Ryanair planes is almost deliberately painful on the eyes

        1. munkifisht

          Deliberate is right. In fact the attention to detail is every bit as committed as Stevie Jobs. It would, relatively speaking, not cost a lot to improve the interiors of Ryanair planes, much like the recent and long needed over haul of the website, but there is a hidden sales tactic here. They make the flights seem cheap. There is a subconscious reaction to such things. If you see a crappy website and crappy interior of the plane you’re going to think you’re getting a bottom dollar price on the flight even if that’s not always true. It’s to reinforce the idea that Ryanair is a low cost carrier.

      2. Joe

        ur so wrong Mark, Steve Jobs was an ideas and sales man, he relied on some very sh1t scared overworked engineers to do the hard work cause it was way beyong him to do it.

      1. parky mark

        So on top of his massive salary he then pays himself extra when he checks people in at the gate. How condescending.

    1. Mr. T.

      Wayne are you one of those little power hungry lower level management types who adores O’Leary and has a poster of him on your bedroom wall?

    2. Sam

      He can play at ticket checker or duty free seller all he likes, just so long as he stays off the flight deck.

  2. Tibor

    He does this sometimes over the last few years, nothing new. Well, the fact that he’s not checking people in while wearing an old, jam stain polo shirt is new actually.

  3. Harchibald

    He’s probably getting on the flight himself. I’ve been on two flights where that has been the case.

  4. Mr. T.

    All the fawning cheap suit wearing dead enders who think he’s God is pathetic. He’d sell you all down the river given half the chance.

  5. andrew

    He might have wanted to see someone……more importantly have someone see him. He did it it to Rosanna Davidson before after she publicly gave out about ryanair and their bad service. She said she would never use their service again. The next time she used Ryanair he was on the check in desk.

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