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CEO of Ryanair Michael O’ Leary in front of one of his company’s Boeing 737-800 NGs aircraft after delivery of the first of 180 new 737-800 NGs in September, 2014

This afternoon.

Via RTÉ:

Ryanair has confirmed that some 737NG planes have been taken out of service due to cracks, a problem that has grounded dozens of the jets globally.

In a statement to RTÉ News, Ryanair said Boeing is carrying out repairs on behalf of the airline after an inspection of more than 70 of its oldest aircraft in full compliance with the Airworthiness Directive.

But the carrier dismissed reports [see below] that some of its Boeing 737NGs have been affected by the ‘pickle fork’ issue. Pickle forks are components that attach the wings and the aircraft’s body.

Ryanair confirms some 737 planes being repaired for crack (RTÉ)


At least three Ryanair Boeing 737s have been grounded due to cracks between the wing and fuselage but this was not disclosed to the public, the Guardian can reveal.

The budget Irish airline is the latest to be affected by faults in the “pickle fork” structure, which has sparked an urgent grounding of 50 planes globally since 3 October.

Boeing 737 cracks: Ryanair grounds three planes due to cracking between wing and fuselage (The Guardian)


This afternoon.

Gigginstown To be Wound Down (the Irish Field)

Saturday night.

Michael O’Leary celebrates his horse Tiger Roll’s Grand National victory by offering Ryanair passengers TWO free drinks.

On a flight from Liverpool to Dublin, the Ryanair CEO announced:

“As is traditional on evenings when we win the Grand National and Cheltenham, we’re having a free bar on board this flight. I got some criticism last year by limiting it to one drink per person so that the crew could get to the end of the aircraft but now you can have two drinks per person.

“If anyone orders a ham and cheese panini or sandwich I’m offloading you personally. You can buy your food in Dublin, on board this flight we’re drinking.”

Ryanair boss Michael O’Leary celebrates his Grand National victory with free drinks for passengers (The Times Ireland edition)

Video by Carlosfandango

John Mulligan, on Independent.ie, reports:

Chief executive Michael O’Leary has also been re-elected with 98.5pc of votes, as has independent director Kyran McLaughlin, who received just 66.8pc of votes in favour of his reappointment.

This is the first AGM that Ryanair has held since it agreed to recognise trade unions.

Ryanair did a dramatic turnaround this morning, permitting all media to its AGM. It occurred after the The Irish Independent, RTE and The Financial Times legitimately gained access to the event.

More as they get it.

Via Paul Colgan

Ryanair chairman reappointed as airline lifts media ban at AGM (Independent.ie)

Ryanair shareholders re-elect O’Leary and Bonderman (RTE)

From top: Ryanair CEO Michael O’Leary; Irish pilot payslip for June 2018

Their payslips?

Ryanair has taken the unusual step of publishing staff pay and benefit details online as workers for the airline stage strikes.

Ryanair posted details on its website of pilots’ monthly and annual salaries, which included captains from Ireland, the UK, Belgium, Germany and Portugal.

The airline claimed the pilots earned between €190,000 and €220,000 (£169,000 and £195,000) year.

It also said cabin crew earned up to €40,000 (£36,000) a year – “more than double the living wage”.

See Real Payslips Here (Ryanair)

Ryanair publishes striking workers’ payslips (Sky)



Dublin-based Ryanair pilots to strike on 3 August (RTÉ)

That’ll learn him.

Probably not.


Pilots union tells Ryanair that strike notice stands (RTE)

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Please Assume The Bracing Position


Nat King Coleslaw writes:

Come for the bizarrely-timed tweet, stay for the replies…


Ryanair CEO Michael O’Leary

More cancellations?

Announcing the latest cancellations today the airline’s chief executive, Michael O’Leary, apologised to customers for the second time this month but said the changes were “sensible”.

“We sincerely apologise to those customers who have been affected by last week’s flight cancellations, or these sensible schedule changes announced today,” he said.

“From today, there will be no more rostering-related flight cancellations this winter or in summer 2018.

Slower growth this winter will create lots of spare aircraft and crews which will allow us to manage the exceptional volumes of annual leave we committed to delivering in the nine months to Dec 2017.

We will start a new 12-month leave period on 1 January 2018 in full compliance with EU regulations and the IAA’s requirements.”

“In order to focus on repairing this rostering problem this winter, Ryanair will eliminate all management distractions starting with its interest in Alitalia,” the company said.

Ryanair to cancel flights affecting 400,000 more passengers (Guardian)


Ryanair CEO Michael O’Leary at the airline’s AGM in Dublin yesterday

RTE reports:

Ryanair Chief Executive Michael O’Leary has personally apologised to the airline’s workforce for reputational damage caused by what he described as the “mess” over flight cancellations.

Mr O’Leary has also pledged to meet all Employee Representative Councils over the coming weeks to discuss their grievances.

In a broadcast to staff over an internal channel, he said management were sorry for visiting the crisis on their frontline teams, including pilots, cabin crew, check-in staff and customer service personnel, and praised their work in recent days.

…He said Ryanair had not understood that rostering numbers were low – and had certainly mismanaged the allocation of the four-week blocks of leave to pilots in September and October when they were still running the summer schedule.

He told staff that management were being assured during the summer that they had enough pilots when they clearly did not have enough to be able to allocate leave during those months.

He confirmed that Ryanair will be writing to pilots over the coming days asking those allocated a four-week block of annual leave in October, November or December to please work one of those four weeks.

He pledged to protect the other three weeks of annual leave, and allocate the fourth week later in the year.

…Meanwhile the pilots’ deadline for Mr O’Leary to respond to their demand for negotiations on better contracts has expired.

So far 55 of Ryanair’s 86 bases have rejected Ryanair’s offer of additional pay and deferred bonuses to give back leave.

The next step by either management or pilots remains unclear.

O’Leary apologises to Ryanair staff over ‘cancellation’ mess (RTE)




A full page advertisement taken out by the Allied Pilots Association in tomorrow’s Irish Times weekend edition.

This morning.

Ryanair AGM, Dublin

Asked about the pilots’ rejection of the company’s bonus scheme to encourage them to give up annual leave to address staff shortages, he said the Ryanair may have to take back one week of the pilots’ four week block of leave.

He said Ryanair was entitled to do this under their contracts.

Mr O’Leary said that much of the discontent was fuelled by unions among Ryanair’s competitors, and he pledged that the current difficulties would not lead to unionisation at the carrier.

Meanwhile, 33 Ryanair bases have now rejected the airline’s bonus scheme with further details from other bases expected later.

RTÉ News has seen documents which raise the possibility of a work-to-rule by pilots, which would significantly worsen the current disruption to flights at the airline.

O’Leary plans pilots’ holiday switch to solve cancellations “mess” (RTÉ)

But he [O’Leary] appeared unwilling to give any ground in his stand-off with pilots, instead threatening to cancel their time off and questioning the extent of their talents.

He said any that were due to take a four-week break in the next few months could be forced under the terms of their contract to delay one of those weeks until January.

He added: “Once you are trained and skilled at doing it … I would challenge any pilot to explain how this is a difficult job or how it is they are overworked or how anybody who by law can’t fly more than 18 hours a week could possibly be suffering from fatigue.”

Ryanair boss says he may force pilots to change holiday plans (Henry McDonald, The Guardian)