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A selection of ‘public meeting’ posters in Dublin within the past month

It is my understanding that a law exists that prohibits politicians from erecting posters on lampposts except within one month of an election. For some reason or other this law does not appear to apply in this area of south Co Dublin, where lampposts have been festooned with politicians’ posters for quite some time now.
Perhaps there has been a change in the law which has escaped my notice as I feel sure that public representatives, who themselves are lawmakers, would never flout the law. Would they?

Md Kennedy,
Dublin 6.




Political posters (Irish Times letters page)

Pics via Mayo Man In Dublin and Eamonn Torsney

24 thoughts on “Means To An End

  1. Cian

    North Kildare has had a selection of peeling paper-on-old-election-poster “public meeting” posters from the various fragments of the AAA/PBPA/Whatever they’re calling themselves this week for the past two years. As soon as one meeting is held, they’re re-stuck with the next and shoved back up again.

  2. Cian

    Additionally, while the constitution may say 7 (I can’t be arsed checking) the Electoral Acts say 5 and they’d need to be amended. I don’t think the furore over doing that would die down quickly.

    1. Just sayin'

      Article 16(5) of the Constitution says seven years or less as mandated by an act of the Oireachtas.
      Section Electoral (Amendment) Act 1927 (Section 7) says maximum is 5 years.
      Electoral Act 1963 repealed the 1927 act but still 5 years maximum length.
      This 1963 Act was repealed by the European Parliament Elections Act 1997. This act doesn’t seem to lay down a shorter length than 7 years. Anyone?!

  3. Count Chuckula

    Eoghan Murphy TD has some dopey, illegible “eradicate poverty” poster stuck up in front of the traffic lights at the Sundrive junction in D12. Poster completely blocks the lights. Posters & cable ties are essentially litter but politicians should be prevented from placing a poster within 10 metres of any road sign or traffic signal. Those that do should be heavily fined, and enforcement of postering by-laws should be tightened.

    1. Spaghetti Hoop

      Too right. I’d ban them altogether. The posters ruin our neighbourhoods and our roads. If a candidate can’t communicate their policies and manifesto via normal communication channels but have to resort to cheap posters…well they’re not worth electing.

      We got rid of the megaphone from the kerb-crawling Ford Cortina sunroof.
      We even got rid of the Father Ted caravans at the polling booths.
      I don’t know if we got rid of the church gate electioneering, anyone?
      Posters NEXT!

  4. Parky Mark

    Those aren’t election posters MD Kennedy, so the rule you mention doesn’t apply.

    Billboard space has already been fully bought up so November election looks 99.324% certain

    1. Just sayin'

      No, the election will be in 2016. No one has an election in November unless they have to. 1992 was the last time I think, after the PD-FF coalition fell apart post-Beef Tribunal.

      Also, canvassers don’t like cold weather!

  5. manolo

    Chancers will be chancers. The same people we ‘trust’ to come up with watertight legislation are the ones who specialise in circumventing them.

  6. Wayne.F

    This type of posting is legal as long as it is posted something like 7 days before the meeting and comes down after it. It’s the same law that allows AAA, PBP and others to advertise their protest marches etc

    All postings like this should be banned full stop

  7. Conor

    Are election posters just an Irish thing? Living in Engerland you wouldn’t even think there was a General Election happening last May. Quite nice to see the entire country not festooned in cheap plastic posters.

    Would love to see them banned in Ireland.

  8. george

    Enda is wrong again. The constitution sets a maximum possible at 7 years. However the law dictates the current maximum is 5 years under section 7 of the Electoral (Amendment) Act 1927.

    The law would need to be changed to allow longer than 5 years and the both constitution and the Electoral Act would have to be changed to allow longer than 7.

  9. Kav

    Neale Richmond has some “Luas Meeting” posters up in Sandyford for some reason. WTF is wrong with the Luas that there needs to be a meeting about it..

  10. Peter

    There have been posters on Goatstown Road about events in The Goat, BSJ’s, and Crokes’ clubhouses for months now. Booterstown ave is the exact same.

  11. Stewart Curry

    Add Broadsheet favourite Lucinda Crieghton to this list – advertising a meeting about the budget around Donnybrook

    1. Lorcan Nagle

      There’s a load of posters up for Renua meetings right now – Lucinda in around Ballsbridge as well as Donnybrook, and one of their other shower between Glasnevin and Santry.

  12. dhaughton99

    Tully from Labour was doing one a few weeks ago over west Dublin. Think she was helping you with your CV or some other bull.
    Wasn’t there one over Rathdown area last year helping you you your back pain or such.

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