‘At Least Eight People Have Died…’


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A Google Earth image (top) and scenes today of the halting site on Glenamuck Road, Carrickmines

RTÉ reports:

At least eight people have died in a fire in Carrickmines in Dublin, according to sources.

Emergency services were called to a halting site on Glenamuck Road at around 4am this morning.

It is understood that most if not all the victims were members of two families.

The Irish Traveller Movement has said among those who died in the fire this morning was a man, his wife and their children, who were all under the age of ten.

LIVE: Latest on fatal Dublin fire

Sam Boal/Rollingnews.ie and JM.


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61 thoughts on “‘At Least Eight People Have Died…’

  1. Dog Gone. IT

    we should definitely put more of the homeless into modular housing – will eradicate the homeless problem

  2. Joe cool

    I see that the doyenne of news media the journal.ie have had to close the comments on this story. Place is full of racists. I can’t fathom the mentality on that site.
    may those people rest In peace, an awful awful tragedy.

    1. MoyestWithExcitement

      The Journal is an absolute disgrace. I saw that thread, too. Every time there’s something about Muslims and Travellers and refugees, all sorts of flat out racism is published on their site. People have racist beliefs because they heard them from other people. The Journal seems perfectly ok with their site being used to perpetuate the most disgusting stereotypes of all sorts of sub sects of people.

      1. Dog Gone. IT

        The Indo and Irish Times are not much better

        I tested out the profile of the administrators here by posting something disgusting an hour ago

        To be fair they did remove it after about an hour.

        While my comment wasn’t racist it was certainly offensive and I suppose I was hoping they’d leave it up and people would attack the comment because they do allow a lot of right wing gibberish posted here. Anyway, fair play in fairness.

        1. curmudgeon

          The Irish Times has the most odd-ball commenters I have ever seen. It’s standard fare for a news story including travellers/muslims are loud mouth ordinary Joe Public types. But the IT seems to have attracted a very specific vindictive and often dogmatic group that seem hell bent on writing wordy insults each other through multiple threads. Freedom of expression be damned I want a janitor with common sense and an IP blocker.

    2. Quint

      The Journal comment section is a cesspit of hatred and racism with a strong pro-Sinn Fein/IRA bias. Most of the comments seem to be written by illiterate morons.

      1. Supercrazyprices

        What a lazy excuse to target Sinn Fein. Are all of Young Fine Gael working overtime now to slur all support for Sinn Fein and other leftist parties? You’re pathetic.

    1. Col

      Relieved to say I deleted the Journal app during the week. Comments section just getting more and more depressing.

  3. Peter Dempsey

    Shocking and devastating news for every single person involved. My thoughts are with the heartbroken families and also with the fire-fighters, ambulance paramedics and gardai who responded to the call and fought to save their lives.

    I just looked at The Journal thread. It’s not that bad – one person (Fiona deFreyne) is making some valid points but is getting shouted down by the outrage junkies.

    It’s interesting to see Rabble are carrying this story seeing as they’ve ignored any news reports that refer to traveller criminality.

    1. delacaravanio

      “It’s interesting to see Rabble are carrying this story seeing as they’ve ignored any news reports that refer to traveller criminality.”

      What are you on about?

      1. Peter Dempsey

        The notoriously biased Rabble.ie
        Constantly turn a blind eye to crimes committed by minorities

        1. delacaravanio

          The mask slips. Five children dead, including a baby, and you want to blacken them all as criminals. Dickhead.

          1. Ban Doyle

            Custo doesn’t seem to appreciate that there are two possibilities

            Peter was blackening all Travellers as criminals AND he was having a dig at Rabble

        2. Supercrazyprices

          You’re a very sad person Peter Dempsey. You must hate yourself quite a bit to come out with that kind of commentary.

  4. Daisy Chainsaw

    Heartbreaking to see a family wiped out like that. I hope the survivors aren’t too badly injured.

  5. gorugeen

    A whole family wiped out. I know I hugged my kids that bit tighter and longer after I heard. Words cannot describe the enormity of this tragedy.

    1. delta V

      Yes, RIP indeed. Perhaps demonstrate your genuine sympathies by attending the funerals rather than entering a TLA in the comments section of a website any of the bereaved are unlikely to read…

          1. Ban Doyle

            It’s amazing how angry and so eager and quick to take offence you so-called liberals and hippies are all the time.

          2. Deluded

            we do what we can
            but not stroke our ego on tragedy

            There is a time and a place, many times, many places, for your input.
            In the real world

            Good luck with that.

  6. Peter Dempsey

    Don – ‘If you dont have anything good to say then best to say nothing at all’ would apply here I think.

    1. Supercrazyprices

      That’s a really strange comment as if to say you even extent your sympathy to Travellers because even they are humans?

      This country is going to shite with the social apathy towards people who aren’t exactly like yourself.

      1. Janet, I ate my avatar

        no my point was all humans deserve respect it was in response to Peter ‘s madness. you couldn’t be further off the mark

  7. Truth in the News

    Ten people have lost their lives and five of them are children, irespective of what
    socio enonomic group or social strata they are entitled to our sympathy…we are
    a Republic where are all are equal, while we subscribe to the principle of free speech
    perhaps it could be tempered with the understanding that we never speak ill of the dead.

  8. Supercrazyprices

    Travellers are not a separate ‘race’. That notion only serves to give some people a reason to hate them and differentiate them more from other Irish.

    Some people really are stupid morons.

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