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This morning.

Barnamore Crescen, Finglas, Dublin 11

The House in which the mother of James Whelan lives was set alight on Sunday morning. James Whelan was shot dead two months ago in an ongoing gangland feud.

Via Sunday World:

We can also reveal how just hours after the arson attack destroyed Sonya Whelan’s home and taxi – the gang-boss’ crew took to social media taunting: ‘”Flashy is loving all of this … James is dead and mammy is all on her own now.”

Revealed: Shocking aftermath of ‘Mr Flashy’ gang attack on James Whelan mum’s house (Sunday World)


This afternoon.

Killeigh, county Offaly.

Workers evacuated from factory fire in Co Offaly (RTÉ)

What does fire look like without gravity? Like this. To wit:

In the gravity on Earth, heated air rises and expands, causing flames to be teardrop shaped. In the microgravity of the air-filled International Space Station (ISS), however, flames are spheres. Fire is the rapid acquisition of oxygen, and space flames meet new oxygen molecules when they float by randomly from all directions — creating the enveloping sphere. In the featured image taken in the ISS’s Combustion Integration Rack, a spherical flame envelopes clusters of hot glowing soot. Without oxygen, say in the vacuum of empty space, a fire would go out immediately. The many chemical reactions involved with fire are complex, and testing them in microgravity is helping humanity not only to better understand fire — but how to put out fire, too.

(Image: NASA)


This morning/afternoon.

Top pic via Dublin Up To Date


Update: Dublin Fire Brigade have put out the fire.



A drone shot of Wicklow Fire Service on Scar Mountain last night

Last night.

Wicklow Mountains.

Pic: Wicklow Civil Defence