Easter Island



Taoiseach Enda Kenny launching the 1916 commemoration programme last month

Further to Budget 2016.

FluffyBiscuits writes:

€17m on emergency accommodation and €50m on the commemoration of 1916, anyone see anything wrong with this picture? What are our priorities in this country? Remembering a failed uprising or help the most vulnerable in society?


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9 thoughts on “Easter Island

  1. 15 cents

    the commemorations are guna be an absolute cringe-fest. They’ll be tryna do a The Gathering II. The government will just try use it as a tourism attraction.

  2. Woof

    a) It wasn’t a failed uprising, the Rising was the beginning of the War of Independence
    b) Everyone involved in the Rising would probably prefer that the homeless be housed, the sick cured, the country put back on track

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