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Terry Prone

Ahead of a talk on Friday morning for Image magazine on workplace relations, Terry Prone shared with the title what she “looks for in a work colleague and how to appropriately confront and overcome issues in the workplace”.

As the reporter notes, Ms Prone’s answers are “clear and concise and jam-packed with pearls of wisdom”. To wit:

How do you recommend people make a stand about issues they are unhappy with at work?

“Be unsurprised, sometimes shit happens. Talk to an outside expert, they’ll be able to give you an open, honest answer and a fresh perspective. And never, ever, ever talk to a lawyer.”

What are your top tips for managing internal politics in an office environment?

“It’s very simple: Don’t get involved. Get along with everybody. And if that doesn’t work, then that workplace is not the one for you, it’s time to get out.”

What makes a good colleague?

“Diligence, discretion and a sense of humour. First, work out your objective, you need to figure out exactly how you want the issue to proceed. Don’t ever start with the desire to get something off your chest. Road to no-town. Once you have a clear head, examine who needs to be influenced, work out how best to influence them.”

What makes a good boss?

“Diligence, discretion, a sense of humour, the capacity to take the helicopter view and the ability to damp down your emotional neediness.

Terry Prone On Creating A Harmonious Workplace (Image)

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46 thoughts on “Terry Prone On Workplace Harmony

  1. Jonotti

    The good old days of broadsheet when we all got to stick the boot into terry prone.
    Now it’s just bodgers insane left week thought of day.

    1. Earthworm Jim

      That’s because you are being objective and have the ability to evaluate the content of someones words without being unduly influenced by what your opinion of the actual person is.

      So bravo to you because that’s an excellent quality and one which is damn near extinct on the internet! Have a glass of wine with your dinner tonight :)

      1. Anne

        Yeah, he was probably able to take the ‘helicopter view’ on that one.

        Seriously, how can you say this sort of horsesh*t with a straight face?


  2. John

    Terry Prone On Workplace Harmony – wowsers

    I read that and immediately thought, whoa there. What is she doing jumping in on that topic given her past performance.

    Talk about digging.

    Practice what you preach Terry. Given your guru PR status why would you even go there. It looks like you don’t take your own advice.

    Unless this is you “owning it”?

  3. Prop Joe

    AS much as I dislike her : This is one of the truest things I’ve ever read about the workplace:

    What are your top tips for managing internal politics in an office environment?

    “It’s very simple: Don’t get involved. Get along with everybody. And if that doesn’t work, then that workplace is not the one for you, it’s time to get out.”

    1. scottser

      i’m trying to imagine the conversation between a job bridge intern who took prone’s advice and the DSP

  4. ollie

    According to Prone a sense of humour is important in the workplace, advice that she obviously passed on to her hairdresser.

  5. Joan Burton

    Terry How do you recommend people stop their sons allegedly bullying employees to the point where they see suicide as their only option ?

  6. 8den

    Terry Prone always reminds me of some kind of early beta of the T1000 who lacks Arnie’s ability to mimic human emotions.

  7. ahjayzis

    All the funny, horrifically cruel, but totally justified comments are being deleted :’o(

    We pay this odious wagon a tonne, we have a right to call her names!

    1. Neilo

      Agreed! I did some of my best work – I realize how low that bar is – on this page only to see it wither on the vine.

  8. Nially

    “Never speak to a lawyer. Unless you’re threatening to sue the bejesus out of a comedy news site for letting its commenters take the piss out of you; in that case, litigate to your heart’s content”.

  9. Orl

    Her comments about never ever speak to a lawyer are irresponsible. What if somebody is being sexually harassed or uncovers corruption. Whistleblowers need legal protection.

  10. Lilly

    Yes, Prone – bully that she is – would like to be the only party with recourse to the law. Could someone make the odious wagon disappear or must we be bombarded with her pearls of wisdom for another 100 years.

  11. Susan

    My opinion of that woman is not unknown to frequenters of this site and is pretty much unprintable.

    However, I don’t see what age and appearance have to do with anything. Were she nubile and beautiful, would the behaviour then be excused?

    Mocking female ageing is too often a cheap aunt Sally perpetuated by the powerful over the less empowered.

    That said, eff her.

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