A Sum Of Money Has Been Found


El BCE abre la puerta a retirar los billetes de 500 euro

Please form an orderly queue.

Lorna writes:

On a footpath in Fitzwilliam Square [Dublin 2] just now – an envelope with a sum of money enclosed. Would hate to see someone stressing about having lost it. Not saying the exact amount for verification purposes but significant enough.

No sign of identification or way of finding the owner in the envelope except a bit of pen scribbling on the outside. Perhaps the readers might know someone who lost it?

Amount of money and colour of envelope could be the right answers to prove legit claim?


40 thoughts on “A Sum Of Money Has Been Found

  1. bingo

    Damn. I dream of funding serious cash on the street. Id pay off my debts and get the fupp out of this rat race

  2. Nibbers

    Who is this Lorna person who is not taking the money and running straight to the:
    1) bank
    2) bookies
    3) bar
    4) brasserie
    5) bra shop
    6) ran out of b things

    Is it a trap?

  3. BS

    It was a brown envelope with IE£25,000. I lost it a while back on the way from my office in esat over to meet someone in buswells hotel. I really need it back as I’m a bit skint at the moment, I can’t even get people to buy shares in my company that is a few hundred million in debt


  4. B Ahern

    £15,500 in sterling. Outside Coral Bookmakers. Thought I might be able to double me money, infacta

  5. MS

    Was it sterling? or is that an actual picture in which my guess is bout 2 fiddy. That said if it was sterling pls contact me

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