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BD writes:

This handsome lad has been hanging out in the lane way behind our house in D8, Kilmainham / Inchicore area the last few days. Well cared for, used to hoomans and very vocal. We’ve taken him in tonight and bringing him to our vets tomorrow for a microchip check. But in case he’s not bionic, is anyone missing a haus-tiger?


Fish Diamonds writes:

I just found a large white Samsung smartphone lying face down at Herbert Road car park in Bray [County Wicklow]. Tyre track across the back, with a thin crack across the screen I’m afraid. Recent loss- battery at 80% and I can see the main user name.  left my business card in with the uniform shop nearby, and will drop the phone in to Bray Garda station now.

Wishing you both a happy reunion.

Fair play in fairness


Hugh writes:

I got on the [south-bound Dart] train at Lansdowne Road this morning and found a purse on the seat with some money in it. Shouted out at the platform before we left the station but no one was there. Have left a message at Irish Rail but they didn’t exactly seem mega efficient so thought I’d put it out here.