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  1. Deluded

    Ban Doyle never did explain the anger at the weekend and the knee-jerk response to every perceived outrage, scouring tweets and tumbles for beards and glasses and coming here bleating that the bigotry zone is occupado.
    I won’t excuse criminality and I can’t understand why we can’t deal with the obvious.
    We had a crowd move into a site near us and we went to the council and discussed the actual development plan but it went ahead anyway-
    And now the place is wrecked.
    Broken roads, no traffic system, “water-treatment” in the middle of the “commercial zone” which is a field of rubble and weeds that I have to pay for.
    And they feck off to England or wherever and come back under who-knows-what-name and have another site handed to them.
    *tuts repeatedly

    It really is the frog and the scorpion when you go to vote in this country.

  2. Fan Doyle

    “And as an act of solidarity, we’d like to ask all gathered here if they can spare a field or large front garden for ‘temporary’ sites for these poor dispossessed?”

    ***crickets, tumbleweed***

    1. dylad

      I heard a Councillor on the radio sympathising with the families and saying after visiting the fire she felt like taking them in….’if that were an option’. There are plenty of large houses around us in Galway with massive empty front gardens which could home them temporarily (I don’t live in one)- I’m pretty sure that’s the case too around there.

  3. Joan Burton

    Stupid Question Alert !

    Could they not be temporarily housed in existing halting sites in the county ?
    This might mean splitting the family group for 6 months but very few extended family’s have the luxury of living in a group

    1. Fan Doyle


      Few choice reasons in the results there. For a “largely peaceful, law abiding” clearly defined “ethnic” group, some of them don’t get on with each other to the point of slashhooks.

      Unlike the “settled” (i.e. paid for their gaffs) people in Rockville, travellers are asked where they want to go and if there’s any beefs between other travellers in the destination site.

      Some post in the other mess of a thread in this pointed out loads of empty spaces in nearby sites – scottser I think

      1. scottser

        no, that wasn’t me, fan doyle. in fact, i was pointing out that there is a lack of traveller specific accommodation and quite a number of homeless traveller families on the local authority books nationwide. for traveller families who want a bay on a halting site the wait is usually longer because they don’t open new sites. in fairness it must be recognised that existing sites are hard enough to manage at the best of times with existing resources. again, if you want to know the reasons for the lack of halting sites, ask the councillors – they’re the ones who decide where the cash goes.

    2. Anomanomanom

      How dare you have common sense. Don’t you know travellers are different and have to be giving special treatment.

  4. ahjayzis

    I get people have had problems with Travellers, fair enough, it’s an Irish thing, I had a dog stolen and found on a halting site, I get it.

    But this is hardly the thread to hash it out. Bit of good old fashioned Irish respect for the dead and some decency, kids.

    1. meadowlark

      Well said.

      The level of respect for the deceased, and sensitivity is at peak over on the journal this morning. A bit nauseating.

  5. Peter

    I completely sympathise with the residents of Rockville.
    People keep banging on about wanting ‘evidence’ when people comment about some of the characters in the travelling community, fact is – I had to work right next to the halting site in question for a number of months, during that time I got to know all the faces that lived there.
    I live in a 5km radius from that site and have personally had to chase members of THAT halting site out of our garden, whilst they attempted to steal bikes!
    Also, on numerous occasions, I’ve witnessed other members of THAT halting site shoplifting in local and shops + large retail shops, damaging things and being aggressively anti social.

    Again, I’m live in a 5km radius and I’m damn sure I would be protesting if they were relocated anywhere near my house.

    What happened was an unmeasurable tragedy and my genuine, deepest sympathies go out to all affected.

    But to the keyboard warriors in these comments, giving their 2c on a subject they’re so ‘well informed’ on and venting their disgust at the rockville residents – Get a f’ing grip on reality!
    Would the Rockville residents be protesting if there wasn’t a valid reason??? (or a whole host of genuine reasons you might have from actually living in that area)

    Yes, lighting a candle, signing a book of condolence, sending flowers, a kind word, donating money, a show of faith, a handshake or a hug are all actions of sympathy, but trying to accuse the Rockville residents of being unsympathetic is just a f’ing stretch!

    1. meadowlark

      Thank you for that. It is good to hear from someone in the local area and has experience dealing with this group in particular. Your comment is very fair and well explained. And there really are no winners in this situation.

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