19 thoughts on “De Saturday Papers

  1. Caroline

    The Daily Express: A chicken in every pot and a – wait, this doesn’t taste right… and where’s the cat?

    1. Deluded

      I read the article. It said that she was pointed at and subjected to crude remarks.
      I imagine it’s like how we feel when a troll wanders by here.
      But I read too much into things : )

      1. Custo

        I’m a 38 year man. I couldn’t walk from Camden St to the quays, get on a bus to my home at 11pm on a Saturday night without the same number of unwanted comments from PACKS OF MALES. ‘scruffy bastard’ ‘state of yer hat’ ‘want yer go’ etc

        It’s called Saturday night drunks.

        1. Deluded

          It’s called “packs of males” apparently.
          I too have “packed” while drunk and not abused or intimidated.
          I’m missing out : (

        2. Anne

          Scruffy bastard you may be, but calling you that is not the same as a threat of sexual assault or intimidation.

          She said she was subjected to repeated crude remarks.. They probably can’t be printed.

          Here, let’s get it for you –
          “To which another member replied in agreement, suggesting what he might like to do if he got me home. To which another added further detail to this imagined scenario in which I was an object with the sole purpose of filling their desires”

          And being drunk doesn’t make it ok.
          Go away and think harder about it from a woman’s perspective.

          They really need to clean up the city centre of the knackers. Drive them back to the flats or whatever hole they came from. Otherwise we have fools like yourself thinking it’s acceptable. You don’t get that in every town in the country.

          1. Anne

            Who mentioned socio economics?
            Drive them out, move um on. They’re anti-social.
            It’s bad for tourism, for everyone actually, especially women on their own.

            You don’t see it in other big capitals, as they’ve cleaned up their cities of the drugs and the gangs hanging about.
            Junkies and gangs everywhere up there, begging you for money or harassing you as you try to go about your business.

          2. Don Pidgeoni

            Junkies yes, creepy blokes leering and yelling at you now. Sadly they are common everywhere.

          3. A Man With a Tiny Penis

            You and your shortsighted, narrow-minded solutions are the reason why things will never change.

  2. Supercrazyprices

    Knacks and their clueless attitude to money. I wonder does McGregor have any appreciating investments or did he blow all his cash on flashy toys. New money is so cheap. Probably stuck a stupid looking set of gold tipped gates on his parents tiny PVC windowed knack box.

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