Labour TD Aodhán Ó Ríordáin was on RTÉ’s Today With Seán O’Rourke earlier during which the ongoing stand-off in Carrickmines was discussed.

Further to this, he tweeted:

Just received this email (above). I’ve hidden the sender’s address. This is what we’re up against.

Carrickmines residents meeting with council over temporary halting site (RTE)

Previously: ‘I’d Urge The Residents To Search Deep Inside Their Conscience’

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81 thoughts on “The K Word

  1. MoyestWithExcitement

    Can you imagine if the Yanks started talking about black people as being anti social criminals who shouldn’t live anywhere near ‘civilised’ people and their media validated their horseshyte?

      1. MoyestWithExcitement

        Oh I’m sorry, did the accurate comparison to the disgusting bigotry aimed at the traveller community make you uncomfortable, petal?

        1. Joan Burton

          I apologise , I was wrong, no travellers are responsible for anti social behaviour or are engaged in criminal escapades.

          I have been misled, again , sorry.

          1. MoyestWithExcitement

            No. I’ve not asked total strangers if they want to live in my house. That makes it totally ok for you to be a racist clown.

          2. Joan Burton

            BTW how did you get on with your phone call to cabinteely garda station, is there egg all over my face ?

    1. Dog Gone. IT

      I’m presuming you’re joking, as actually Yanks of my acquaintance openly say that kind of stuff all the time

          1. MoyestWithExcitement

            I’m definitely not as smart as you though. You really got me with that comment. I just can’t compete with such biting wit. Please, teach me your ways.

          2. Anomanomanom

            You have to be joking, I’m honestly not insulting you when I say the following, but you can’t be stupid enough to compare a group of people who just for their skin colour for centuries have got harassed, to a group of IRISH people born and raised in Ireland who want to act like their a minority group and who yes get harassed, but for the most part because they wreck where they live and just move on. I can see how that’s the same.

          3. inotherwords

            Anonoman, there are always going to be people that wreck things and move on but this can be said about every social demographic, and shouldn’t be used to stereotype just because of the actions of a few idiots.

            If the majority of people in Ireland were part of the travelling community, and you were part of a small cultural minority of settled people. Would you think it was fair that you had to change your way of living to fit in with the cultural norm of the country, or would you prefer that your way of life was accommodated so that you could live the way which felt right to you?

          4. Anomanomanom

            Yeah because what you said is actually what happens, it’s the minority and the small group who chose to be different it’s not their fault at all.

          5. MoyestWithExcitement

            Yes, I do have a good opportunity to learn how a hilariously deluded racist like your good self thinks. Do you have any pamphlets?

          6. inotherwords

            I’m with you Moyest. I always find it so interesting to hear Irish people say how other countries treat ethnic minorities badly but then see no problem with throwing around racist stereotypes about the traveller community at home.

  2. Just sayin'

    The Wireless? That’s what my granddad used to call it. How old was this guy and fair play to him for figuring out how to send an email. Go Silver Surfers!

    1. MoyestWithExcitement

      Well, in so far as they should have anticipated the reaction from residents of a country that has no problem talking about a group of human beings like they’re subhuman vermin.

      1. Wayne.F

        Or if you were familiar with the realities of the area, the halting site where the tragedy occurred last week was a temporary measure 8years ago and is still there, based on my experience of regularly passing the site , I would understand why residents, in a quiet small cul de sac would have concerns about moving the occupiers of that site to a new temporary sic site near them.

        1. MoyestWithExcitement

          Yes, they’re worried that their prices will drop because this lovely country views those people as subhuman vermin and everyone is ok with talking about it like it’s totally normal to think that.

          1. Wayne.F

            Moyes, thank you for illustrating my point, views in that street are of other houses or trees, or across an open field (proposed site) at the back of a house, most residencies are old cottages hardly the stuff of property porn.

            In fairness, the front of the original site was always well maintained but some of the areas at the back not so much. The noise levels in the evening were quite noticeable in such a quiet area but there were no houses on a overly close concentration at the old site

          2. Nigel

            While I don’t want to be blase about the concerns of the residents, is the alternative to say ‘screw you’ to people left homeless in the wake of an appalling bereavement? Is it really beyond the capacity of this country to help them and treat them with dignity and respect? It’s okay to answer ‘yes’ to these questions. That may, in fact, be the correct answer to both of them. Screw us all.

          3. Wayne.F

            Moyes, you realise the area is a rural road surrounded by farm lands and sports grounds the noise from the site was very noticeable and the waste and litter at the back was an eyesore.

            As for accommodating them, yes they need to be accommodated, ( currently the families are in hotels) so they are not on the street but a permanent solution has been proposed by DLCC

          4. Joan Burton

            Exactly @MoyestWithExcitement !
            Who moves to the suburbs for peace & quiet, you’re such a knob wayne

          5. Mark Dennehy

            Wayne – eh, “rural area”? Hello? I live five kilometres from there and we’re very much not in a rural area. You’re in Carrickmines. The Park, the biggest shopping in the entire area, is about a kilometer away from where the fire was. All that area all around you is slated to become a giant housing estate holding several thousand new homes. You’re one and a half kilometers from the M50 for pete’s sakes. It’s about as rural as Tallagh.

          6. Wayne.F

            Mark, what surrounds the old site and the proposed new one on almost every side? There is still actively farmed lanes all around the glenamuck road once you past the roundabout at the retail park

            Also for anyone interested the cause of the fire had been established and is being withheld till after the funerals. Let’s just say an issue outside of the councils control was the sole contributing fact

          7. Mark Dennehy

            Wayne: Two sports clubs and a couple of small housing estates, a pub and what used to be the main road to the M50 and the west side of Dublin before the M50 linked up to the M11.

            Absent: farms. forests. the absense of large population centers.

            Seriously. It’s about as rural as Tallagh. In fact, Tallagh is probably more rural.

        2. Joan Burton

          wait for it @MoyestWithExcitement is about to point out to you how were conditioned by the media ( and probably denis obrien) to interpret what you saw as you passed the halting site wrong.
          Everything in the area was in fact rosy and as you passed the halting site, the new world order, VW and possibly DOB and slipped code into your car to make it look like anti social behaviour was going on but infact normal acceptable behaviour

  3. Dog Gone. IT

    What are we supposed to feel here Aodhan? Sympathy for the Devil? Poor Pet.
    Maybe next time try a career in basket-weaving, little petal

      1. Dog Gone. IT

        Oh you mean the subject line. Yes, of course I read it.

        What’s the beef – racists exist? Big swinging one.

        It’s Aodhan’s job to listen to and deal with and represent all shades of opinion.

        That’s what I’m paying him to do.

        1. Pablo Pistachio

          You’re asking a lot of simplistic questions. Do you really not know the answer to them?
          Racism should not be tolerated in any form. Whether it’s no knackers here, no blacks here, no refugees here…no Irish here.

          1. Dog Gone. IT

            Rather than demonise and sneer at your intellectual opponents (for political purposes) you could also strive to educate them on the error of their ways.
            Lots of nasty things have to be tolerated in society, e.g. rapists, murderers who are deemed to have ‘served their time’ and allowed to return to society. I don’t always like it either but that’s civil society for you.

          2. Dog Gone. IT

            No. Moyes

            You should not be demonising travellers.

            However you should engage with the political viewpoints of those with whom you disagree even if you consider them racist, because when you are a public representative that is your job ie. to represent all voters not just the ones with whom you share smoked salmon and caviar while not providing accomodation for needy.

          3. MoyestWithExcitement

            “Political viewpoints” This is why I called you hilariously deluded. Racism is racism. It is irrational, emotional crap and does not deserve any respect. ‘Blacks are violent criminals who shoot each other and have loads of kids. What? It’s my political opinion and you have to respect it.’ You’re an idiot.

          4. Dog Gone. IT

            Ha ha. You’re calling me an idiot?

            A few years ago, racist attitudes were acceptable. Were most people racist then?
            If so how did we evolve? Was it a, by discussion or b, by discussion and popular choice or c, by discussion, popular choice and then ultimately legislative changes?

            Should people with whom you disagree not be allowed voice their opinion, even if it’s wrong? Is that what you’re advocating? Stalinism?

          5. MoyestWithExcitement

            “Ha ha. You’re calling me an idiot?”

            “Were most people racist then?”

            “If so how did we evolve?”

            Social engineering and leadership, exposure to new cultures and ideas thanks to the internet and cable television.

            “Should people with whom you disagree not be allowed voice their opinion, even if it’s wrong?”

            Where did I say this? Also, please stop this embarrassing whinge of ‘it’s my opinion’. You’re just a racist.

          6. Dog Gone. IT

            You’re clearly incapable of engaging in any sort of rational debate about this topic.
            I respect your right to be hysterical and opinionated and to sneer at your enemies.

          7. MoyestWithExcitement

            Whether or not travellers are human beings worthy of the same respect of all human beings is not up for debate, you absolute cretin.

  4. Dόn Pídgéόní

    You know, if everyone just cut and paste their answers from yesterday it would save a lot of time.

      1. Dόn Pídgéόní

        Ok, I’ll summarise

        Travelers are scum
        You can’t say that it’s racist
        It’s not racist, they are aren’t a race
        *q side argument about the nature of race and ethnicity and whether they are the same thing or different by people who did anthropology 101 at uni
        It’s only temporary, people died ffs
        CRIME! There was crime near us, I think it was travelers
        You wouldn’t say that about XXX group because it would be racist
        The last one was temporary, they were there 8 years
        Have a heart
        Have you offered them your spare room/front lawn/field you pink leftie commie

        etc etc ad nauseum

        Actually, I’m going to prepare one of these for the next 8th amendment post as well!

          1. scottser

            don is absolutely correct. this all becoming a bit of a circus – there really isn’t anything more to comment on until the ongoing discussions are concluded.
            although dog, i’m curious as to whether your stalk-ey chat-up style works for you?

          2. Dog Gone. IT

            Ha ha it’s not a chat up, nor a stalk either. Sorry to let Don down. She’ll be in bits.

            Don presents one shade of opinion and characterises all such opinions voiced here as automatically polarised. In fact while her review of opinions expressed HERE may well be accurate I beleive the truth in terms of popular opinion is somewhere in the middle, or a bit grey, as I think Clampers outlined here yesterday in his haste to clarify why he may not be always fully right on – seemingly a punishable offence in this neck of the woods, but I digress.

            In other words, in my view most Irish people do not hate travellers. Neither do most people want travellers as neighbours. There are members of both of these sets for sure, but I believe this is a tiny minority. In my view people would prefer travellers to be a bit more law abiding in general and a bit more like the rest of us. No one likes to feel that there are laws which only apply to some people and not to others. I wouldn’t characterise such a feeling as racism.

            However if people go further and say ‘all travellers are law-breakers’ then they are clearly racist. Most people of my acquaintance have met some good and bad travellers. Hence they are wary of travellers. This is the salient point. How do we evolve further to a point when their wariness will dissipate and well-founded fears of erosion of property value when you have travellers as neighbours no longer ensue? It may be your opinion that such fears are themselves racist, but as Miles Davis once famously said, a hard d7ck has no conscience. And what are the traveller community themselves doing to address those fears? Maybe as a person with some expert knowledge of the subject you can inform us there?

          3. Dog Gone. IT

            And I stand by my point that Don’s position is needlessly aggressive, dull and predictable.

          4. Dόn Pídgéόní

            I’m afraid the irony of calling someone else needlessly aggressive, dull and predictable is completely lost on him. I’m sure he’ll get bored and leave me alone eventually so he can get back to his very important job of touching himself in his mammy’s garage.

            Though I would be interested to know who they really are, they know a lot about people on here so are definitely a regular poster being to chicken sh** to stand behind their own opinion. Another irony I guess?

          5. Dog Gone. IT

            Hi Don sweetie

            I wasn’t aware that when you read posts made in public on the internet you were required to keep such information to yourself. Sorry. I won’t read your crap again.

          6. Dog Gone. IT

            Also please note I called your position needlessly aggressive, dull and predictable.
            Not ‘someone else’ as in you personally. You are not in my circle of acquaintances.
            But who knows, eh? Maybe one day you can join the golden circle.
            Have a good weekend dollface.

  5. ollie

    The proposed location for this halting site is totally unsuitable. Have a look on google maps for yourself.

  6. Ultravox

    Who cares what a government minister who labels a community “disgusting” thinks? He’s a @labour loser who’s got it comin’ at the next GE. No amount of Tweets or Tá badges will save this guy or his boss, the Minister for Homelessness, Joan Burton. The irony.

  7. Kevin

    Just for the record: This is Dublin, and Traveller is NOT the same as ‘knacker’. Over the years we in Dublin have produced some of the finest knackers in the world — vandalising everything from cars to phone boxes, throwing shapes and trying to start fights, spitting at each other in the street, snatching sweets from shops, setting fire to rubbish bins, etc — and I would estimate that only a small percentage of these little gougers have come from the Travelling community. Of course, a young Traveller has the same right as any other kid to become a knacker, and some do, but it is totally unfair, and discriminatory, and mean, and simply incorrect, to use the word ‘knacker’ to mean all Travellers.

    If you can’t use the word correctly, I would encourage you not to use it at all — and if you can use it correctly, then please leave no room for doubt in your interlocutor with regard to your meaning.

  8. Oh Dear

    Hilarious to see the hypocrisy of those who proclaimed their leftism and liberalism when the government tried to charge them for water and who now see nothing wrong with their right-wing fascist reaction to Travelers.

    Ye get the country ye deserve, lads.

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