He Flew In, Fought The Bad Guy And Was Gone



Luas stop, Middle Abbey Street, Dublin 1

Who is the phone-saving Red Line superhero?

Helen writes:

Yesterday evening around 7.20pm as the doors on the redline Luas began to close at the Abbey St. stop an opportunistic thief leant in and grabbed my phone from my hand and ran.

Unfortunately for him, I had no intention of letting my precious phone go so easily and I ran out after him shouting something along the lines of “thief give me back my phone (plus expletives!!!), while trying to grab a hold of him.

Seconds later, now on the platform, just as I lost my grip on him and see my phone slipping out of reach forever, out of nowhere the person is tackled and there is he a real life SUPERHERO fighting this guy to get my phone back!

I don’t know where he came from, I don’t think he was on the platform, perhaps from across the road, but this complete stranger jumped in and helped out.

After a struggle I got my phone back and the guy ran off. Mr. Superhero wanted to know if I was ok.

I’m not really sure why I’m writing this but I guess I want to publicly acknowledge his actions and what essentially was an act of bravery, an act of humanity helping a random stranger in trouble. There could have been a knife, needle who knows what involved  he didn’t know what was going on so what he did really was a big deal. He was like Superman – he flew in, fought the bad guy, asked if everything was ok and was gone! Thank you.


31 thoughts on “He Flew In, Fought The Bad Guy And Was Gone

      1. donkey_kong

        she should have roared after him and insisted.
        her lack of appreciation will make me think twice before attempting to emulate this brave chap

        1. Dόn Pídgéόní

          I bet she’d take one look at him and call the robber back, “Ah yeah, no you can have this, I ain’t shagging that for nothing”.

    1. Neilo

      Or at least a quick handy. What? Come on. Everyone with a Y-chromosome on this board was thinking it.

      1. Neilo

        Fans of It’s Always Sunny….are a group bound for hell. I’m proud to number myself among them.

  1. Robby Cook

    These unfortunate incidents do indeed happen, usually at the time one would have their phone out to make or receive a phone call, while at all other times its usually tucked safely in your pocket, just bad timing I guess.

  2. Robby Cook

    I can’t decided which overpriced brick I want now, but just in case I get an impulse to buy I am going to walk around with around with about 670 euro cash in my left hand, though after this shocker I might clench it slightly tighter when I am fumbling for my leap card at the luas stop

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